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IGET Bar Review- Perth Disposable Vape Shop

IGET Bar Review- 3500 Puffs Disposable Vape

If you’re coming to this from a IGET Bar flavours review blog, pleasure to have you back, or you’ve encountered this blog by complete chance, with no intention of reading it. In that case, welcome. Today I will be reviewing the graceful and beloved IGET Bar. To those who aren’t aware of what the Bar is, firstly I’m genuinely shocked yet impressed at the same time.

Seriously, it’s the IGET Bar 3500, how haven’t at least even heard of it. In this blog, I will be conveying the unique features and intricate flavours that the infamous IGET Bar 3500 puffs offers. I will also be listing the advantage as ell the disadvantages that come with the Bar, so this way you can determine if the Bar is worth your money.

 If you make the decision to move forward with the IGET Bar, I will offer some helpful tips and general knowledge to assist you with the IGET Bar. To find all this and more, just continue reading.

IGET Bar Review- Product Features

Now onto the main attraction, the product’s features. Look I’m not going to waste your time listing specifications and features that you already know. Because I know that isn’t what you’re here for.  Although I will pin-point some shining features that I believe are worth mentioning for the audience who aren’t too familiar with the IGET Bar, so sit tight and keep reading.

No Refill, Easy To Carry, Easy To Use

The infamous, to some at least, IGET Bar disposable vape is a 3500-puff pocket rocket. It is a small and compact disposable vape with a curved frame that allows you attain a firm grip on the device to establish a hand feeling best suited to your palm.

Basically, it feels good to hold, is what I’m trying to say. The Bar produces a vapour output and flavour accuracy of a manual MOD Vape, but without the hassle of refills, recharges, and the mental breakdowns you have, because your vape is charging and you have no source of nicotine. I swear that hasn’t happened to me.

30 Flavours Available

The IGET Bar Australia features 30 distinctive flavours which is the numeral equivalent of two national football teams, with their subs. In English meaning it has a wide variety of flavour choices. Which is why it’s so heavily sought by the flavour chasing community. Catering for the Australian public through its incorporation of dense and prominent tasting components.  

Allowing you to experiment with the Bars versatile range without the repercussions of a poor flavour choice. Let’s not forget it’s vibrant cartoonish-like design that allows it to appeal to various age groups, but mainly teenage smokers. I can’t assure you that you will become cool and fit in by smoking the 3500 puff Bar, but there is a chance. If that matters to you.

IGET Bar Grape Ice

Accurate 3500 Puffs Count

I have yet to figure out how a device so small can produce a puff-count so high. Because let’s be honest. There is nothing worse than buying a vape that dies nowhere near its advertised puff-count. It infuriates me, so if I’m ever in a bad mood, that is most likely the reason. Although, whilst abusing, I mean smoking the IGET Bar 3500 puffs, this wasn’t an issue.

As the Bar would consistently hit its puff-count and occasionally spoil me with some few extra drags before getting that final ghost hit. I wasn’t even spoilt like that in my previous relationship, anyways that isn’t important.

IGET Bar Vs IGET Legend

Till this day, I genuinely believe the Bars puff accuracy should receive more recognition, especially when in comparison to other IGET products and I’m certain we all know which vape I’m referring to.

Correct, I was most definitely talking about the IGET Legend. Don’t get me wrong, the Legend is an outstanding disposable IGET vape in its own way. Although one problem I faced as well as everyone else did, was its inaccurate puff-count. Being advertised as a 4000 puff, the mighty Legend would often surpass only 3000 puffs. I’m only conveying this point to emphasise the performance of the Bar. So, for the IGET Legend lovers, please don’t cancel me.

IGET Bar Bulk Bundle

With everything aside, let’s be honest with each other and have a real bonding moment. At the end of the day the feature that comes first above all is the price. As all of us are trying to save a couple of bucks on our purchases, there is absolutely no doubt in that. With that being said, I can go all day praising the IGET bar and why it is in your best interest to buy it.

But, if the price doesn’t match your budget, or in other terms, if it’s a rip-off, you won’t buy it. Regardless of its amazing features, flavour variety or puff accuracy, it won’t matter. I understand this, so does the lovely and benevolent team at Vape Shark Australia. That is why they have implemented their brilliant Wholesale and Bulk bundles and no I’m not getting payed to do this, maybe, it doesn’t matter.

These bundles allow you to get the best price for your purchases, providing the best value for your dollar. For instance, the IGET bar bulk bundle is a set ten-piece bundle which reduces the Bars retail price of $35 AUD, to $30 AUD each.

Saving you $5 on each individual Bar and a total sum of $50. Do you realise how much of a discount that is. That $50 alone can keep me munching on KFC and Maccas’ for a week. How could I not mention that you can select your desired arrangement of flavours, unlike other online vape retailers. Which force you to purchase a box of a single flavour, regardless of how much you may adore that flavour, eventually you will end up getting sick just from the smell.

IGET Bar Bulk

This is great because I know there is a lot of picky and stubborn vapers out there, you know who you are. The Wholesale bundle is essentially the same thing with the same concept just with 30 pieces instead of 10. I’d recommend the Wholesale bundle for the extravagant spenders, or people that still use their parents credit cards, either way you will have no regrets.

IGET Bar Wholesale

TOP 3 IGET Bar Flavours

Ok, that’s enough technical talk for now. Let’s get into the flavours, as well all know that is the most important feature of any vape behind its price, unless you’re loaded and pricing means nothing to you, in that case, good for you.

Anyways, when it comes to the IGET Bar flavours, you aren’t short of any options. As the Bar’s flavour range features the incorporation of nearly every fruit imaginable. I said nearly because I know one of you guys will mention some absurd strange fruit just to argue my point. I do not possess the mental or physical energy to match that type of behaviour. Now, lets get into my top 3 IGET Bar flavours, I’ll just quickly mention that this is MY top 3, not yours. So don’t get cut when your favourite flavour isn’t listed.

Strawberry Raspberry

Melon Ice

Peach Ice

IGET Bar Strawberry Raspberry
IGET Bar Melon Ice
IGET Bar Peach Ice

The Strawberry Raspberry IGET Bar disposable vape composes this sweet tantalising flavour that leaves me trying to bite the Bar. The sweet strawberries and bitter raspberries unlock the fond memories of my late nights out in Sydney’s CBD. Allowing me to reminisce the feeling of the cool city breeze and noises of the crowded lines outside clubs.

The IGET 3500 puffs Melon Ice this sharp taste of honey-sweet melons, which is then quickly subdued by the hard-hitting menthol that would smack my lips. Whenever I take a puff of this flavour, I am immediately reminded of the frozen slushies I would have as a kid. As I would different flavoured candy worms on top, especially the melon flavoured ones. If I done that now, I’d probably develop type 2 diabetes by the end of the week.

The Peach Ice IGET Bar Australia composes a truly intoxicating flavour through its use of juicy, decadent peaches and tongue numbing menthol, these two components make the perfect pair. I’d know, as the Peach Ice Bar accompanied me on every Summer beach trip, as it was the ideal flavour to take with its sweet taste and refreshing exhale. Kept me cool and prevented the chance of heat stroke.

IGET Bar Review-Pros And Cons

Just like everything in life, there is always an advantage as well as a disadvantage. This is unfortunately also applicable for the IGET Bar 3500 puffs. Not to imply that it’s a bad product, just that it does have its pros and cons.
Vape Shark AustraliaVape Shark Australia

IGET Bar Cons

To be exact, a disadvantage that I identified with the Bars was their weight. In comparison to other disposable vapes, the Bar is significantly heavier, at least in my pocket it feels that way, literally drags my pants down.

It is estimated to weigh around 100g, now that isn’t light, especially for a pocket-sized item. Although, I find that the advantages of the Bars outweigh (see what I did there) the disadvantages by at least ten folds, or however many features that I mentioned earlier. The Bar, unlike other disposables, makes up for its incompetence through several features.

IGET Bar Pros

Such as its wide flavour variety, allowing even the most difficult of vapers to find their signature taste. Not to mention its ergonomic design and intuitive build, evidently making up for its heavy weight through its innovative shape, allowing vapers to attain a comfortable grip whilst smoking.

Or its affordability, offering a price that inclusive all of vapers, regardless of their financial stance or situation. I could also mention its incredible performance, its puff accuracy alone in my opinion crowns it as one of the most reliable and money’s-worth vapes you can buy.

The point I’m trying to portray is that, regardless of how good a product may seem, it will always hold somewhat of a disadvantage. With that being said, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a bad product, just that there isn’t a product out there that’s perfect. Felt like I was writing a poem for a second, but I’m hoping you caught my drift.

IGET Bar Review-FAQ

For some reason, in 2022, I still manage to receive these questions from the general public. What astonishes me is that I can assure you that the same people that ask these questions are the ones that have probably been vaping longer than me. Regardless I shall answer these questions to put your minds at ease and your vape worries away.

IGET Bar Review-Tips Of Using

Don’t Vape too much

Avoid excessive use of your disposable vape. Try to monitor your puffs per minute and ensure that you track as well as limit your daily usage to prevent head spins, migraines and stomach trouble.

Share with your friends

When you possess a large quantity of disposable vapes, make sure to share with your friends. Because extended periods of storage can gradually degrade and deteriorate the vapes. So instead of letting them collect dust in your room, pass them around with your mates. Plus, if you friends love your flavours then you can build up deeper connection with them.

Keep in a nice environment

When storing your vapes, make sure the facility in which they are kept in is a safe and cool environment. Preventing the chance of gradual deterioration and faulting. Also, hide them from the people that you live with you, whether it’s your partner, parents, or roommate. Ensure it is kept in your space.

Do not Charge and refill

Do not attempt to charge or refill your disposable vape as it can damage the device or cause it to fault. Ensure that the device is disposed of with proper etiquette and thrown into recycling once finished.


Be cautious of the placement of your disposable vape, as it poses serious harm and danger to children and animals. Make sure kids and pet are absent when using you vape and be mindful of ones around you when smoking.

IGET Bar Review-Time To Say Goodbye

Time to wrap up everything that was said. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “is the IGET Bar 3500 worth it”? To put it simply, yes. In my honest opinion, I am yet to use any other disposable vape yet alone product that offers the same amount features and versatility that the IGET Bar. For the vapers that have already tried the Bar will know exactly where I’m coming from. Whereas for those who have yet to try it, I thoroughly usher you to invest and experiment with the IGET Bar 3500 puff vape, as there nothing like it on the market at this point in time. Well see if I was available on the market, then it would be a different story but all jokes aside, the Bar is Australia’s top selling vape for a reason.

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