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IGET Vape Wholesale

Are you searching for a reliable source for bulk buying disposable vapes in Australia without getting overcharge? Well, fortunately for you here at Vape Shark Australia we can be of help. On this page you will find wholesale and bulk buying options for all the IGET products. Including the IGET vape Australia bulk cheap price, coming in the IGET Bar, IGET Legend, IGET King, IGET Goat and even the IGET XXL.  Both the wholesale and bulk bundles contain different amounts of disposable vapes and are priced separately, each according to our discounted prices. Bulk buying disposable vapes is often done by vapers to save time and money as well as to prevent the habit of consistent purchase at overpriced disposable vape retailers. Such as tobacconists, service stations and convenience stores. In terms cost effectiveness, it is an ideal way of saving money in the long term as you receive a discounted price on each individual pack that is bought within the bundle.

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IGET Bar Wholesale

IGET Bar Bulk

IGET Bar Bulk 10 Pack

If you want a cost-effective option to stock up on your essential vaping goods, consider yourself lucky as Vape Shark Australia has got you covered with the IGET Bar bulk bundle. Containing 10 packs of the irresistible IGET Bar in flavours of your choice. Each Bar is reduced to $20, saving you $5 on each one and $50 altogether. Don’t wait until its too late, buy yours today.

The IGET Bar bulk bundle is suitable for buyers that are looking to start a side hustle of small business. By purchasing the IGET Bar bulk bundle it allows them to directly supply their business and have a steady flow to meet demand. Quick, easy and cheap, perfect for your business or personal use, why wait shop now.

IGET Legend Wholesale

IGET Legend Bulk

IGET Legend Bulk 10 Pack

Do you want to cut down on your trips to your local shady servo or tobacconist, then why not check out the IGET Legend bulk bundle. Perfect for those value convenience and time over anything else. The IGET Legend bulk bundle holds a generous 10 packs of the Legend in flavours of your liking. Coming at a reduced price of $20, saving you $5 on each pack and $50 as a whole.

Vapers who favourite a particular flavour can easily stock up on their go-to option through the click of a button by purchasing the IGET Legend bulk bundle. This not only saving you money but reduce the number of times you visit the store, saving you time, effort and your dignity. Browse our wide bundles on Vape Shark Australia and try the IGET Legend today.

Feature of IGET Vape Wholesale

Best place to buy bulk disposable vapes in Sydney: For majority of the vape suppliers Australia, they would know the struggle of trying to receive and source stock. So why bother going through that in the first place when you can just shop through Sydney Vape Wholesale. Experience the convenience of Sydney Vape Wholesale, where fast and reliable service is our priority. Say goodbye to long waits for overseas parcel. With our efficient local express post system, your order will arrive at your doorstep within just 2-3 business days. Shop with us and enjoy swift delivery, ensuring you can start enjoying your vaping products without delay. Discover the seamless shopping experience at Sydney Vape Wholesale today.

Don’t miss out, at Vape Shark Australia we are constantly having promotions and discounts on the most popular vaping gear and products. Such as the famous IGET Bar only $28 AUD. Occasionally we offer our customers promo codes on their orders so they can earn free express shipping and complimentary mystery items with their orders. So why miss out when you can start your online retail vapour experience today. Buy your vapes while favourite models and flavours last at Vape Shark Australia.

Day-to-day smokers, we all know the feeling of having your vape run out and making the 5th trip of the week down to the servo to grab another disposable. It’s awful, so why experience that dreadful feeling repeatedly when there is already a solution. The disposable vape bulk bundle, it contains 10 pieces of whichever model of vape you desire in flavours of your choice all at a cheap and cost-effective price. Why waste time, energy and money on buying individual overpriced vapes from your local, shady and overpriced tobacconist when you can save your money and time buy a bulk bundle from the connivence of your own home through the click of a button at Vape Shark Australia. It’s 2023, seriously who still buys the vapes from outside.

Whether you are the office plug for disposables, or you just have a lot of nicotine-hooked mates or you are simply an aspiring entrepreneur trying to resell vapes, we got you covered. The disposable vape wholesale bundle is the ideal business move or purchase for you. Holding 30 packs of whichever vape you want, all in flavours that you choose, it’s the perfect one-click purchase to kickstart your next party with your friends, next ‘secret’ office meeting or your first business opportunity. Regardless, if you are a smoker, sharer or reseller, the wholesale bundle is meant for you.

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IGET Bar Plus

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Sydney vapers, if you seek a reliable and cheap disposable vape bulk and wholesale supply make sure to check out the Vape Shark Australia website to find all your desired vaping goods and needs in large quantities. From the best IGET, Gunnpod and Waka models to the most recent flavours, we have it all. So why wait, come browse our wholesale and bulk bundles and try it for yourself before it’s too late.


You can purchase disposable vapes in Australia from nearly anywhere, whether its your local tobacconist, service station or convenience store. But you cannot purchase a bulk amount from just anywhere, that’s why the best place to purchase bulk disposable vapes is Vape Shark Australia as we sell authentic stock at cheaper prices in wide variety of models and flavours with enough stock to supply vaping needs for years to come. Not only do we offer bulk bundles, but we also have wholesale bundles for the most lavish of spenders. When you shop at Vape Shark, you can shop with peace of mind knowing that you are getting real disposable vapes for the lowest price.

You sure can. Here at Vape Shark Australia we reduce the price of each individual vape within the bulk and wholesale bundles. Meaning you save a significant sum of money with each purchase you make with us (each varying in price depending on the vape). Not to mention, with each wholesale bundle purchase, you are rewarded with a complimentary IGET XXL to compliment your order, our way of expressing our gratitude.

The IGET Bar wholesale bundle contains 30 packs of the infamous IGET Bar. Here at Vape Shark Australia, we let you choose your flavours to compliment your flavour preferences. With each wholesale bundle, you also receive a complimentary IGET XXL from us to thank you for shopping with us. Occasionally you can find a mystery item along with the XXL for good measure, so make sure to keep purchasing to test your luck.

Each IGET Box, regardless of the model, come with 10 packs inside. Meaning a wholesale bundle is made up of 3 IGET Boxes and a bulk bundle is only made up of 1 IGET Box. The IGET Boxes are filled up various flavoured IGET Bars of your choice, so when you receive yours do not be alarmed as your chosen flavours are inside.

Yes, with standard shipping included across Australia, and the option to upgrade to express shipping for a small fee of $30-$50.

You sure can. With the IGET vape bulk bundles as well as the wholesale bundles, you are given the option to mix and customise the flavour arrangement according to your liking. Meaning you can choose 10 separate flavours for the bulk bundle and a jaw-dropping 30 different flavours for the wholesale bundle. With this type of flexibility within your bundles you will never get bored or run out of your favourite flavours. Only one of the many benefits of shopping with Vape Shark Australia.

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