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Welcome to the Vape Shark Australia, IGET Product page where we offer the best vaping essential for our customers such as the infamous IGET range. We offer all the flawless IGET vapes such as the IGET Bar, IGET Legend, IGET Goat, IGET King and even the IGET XXL. For any IGET fanatic, we got you covered from the best flavours to your favourite model. Not to mention, that we are the cheapest and official IGET vape online retailer, meaning you can finally purchase vapes from the comfort of your home without spending a fortune.

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IGET Bar Australia

The IGET Vapes Australia have become immensely popular rather quickly generating a large consumer audience. The IGET disposable vapes have become the most popular and frequently bought vape across Australia and the one model that has led it to it rise is the IGET Bar 3500 puffs.

An admirable feature of the IGET Bar 3500 puffs is thick and consistent vapour production, pushing big clouds of smoke until the very last puff. Offering vapers 3500 puffs, it allows you to smoke endlessly for days without an issue. Coming in 31 flavours, you will never get bored. Other online vape retailers typically charge anywhere between $40-$60 for each IGET Bar, whereas here at Vape Shark Australia we are known for our cheap IGET vapes. Our cheapest price start from $20 each for 30 packs IGET Bar Wholesale and $25 each for 10 packs IGET Bar Bulk.

IGET Legend Australia

The IGET Legend was released after the IGET Bar, placing it in an already competitive market. As time passed, IGET Bar lovers slowly started transitioning to the underdog IGET Legend 4000 puffs for its immaculate flavours and taste. Becoming more sought over time.

A feature that stuck out for the IGET legend 4000 puffs was its outstanding flavour production. As each of the 26 flavour IGET vape Australia flavours had a unique and delicious taste. Maintaining flavour integrity until the final ghost hit. Pushing out 4000 puffs, smokers would last on IGET legends for weeks. Just like the IGET Bar, the price for the IGET Legend 4000 puffs is the same, being priced from $20-$28. Maintaining our cheap IGET vapes guarantee, especially with the IGET Legend Bulk and IGET Legend Wholesale at the Vape Shark Australia.

IGET Goat Australia

The IGET Goat 5000 puffs was the most highly anticipated model for IGET as it gained mass amounts of attention months before the initial release. Taking the market by storm with new features such airflow adjustability and control. It was seen as a fusion of the previous IGET Legend and IGET King, but better.

The airflow control allowing you to adjust the strength and volume of the vapour you receive with each puff. Coming in 13 flavours, each having a new and distinct taste due to the IGET Goat’s advanced wicking technology. What it was mainly known for was its outstanding 5000 puff count that allowed vapers to last on a single Goat for up to a month. Given its features and large size, the IGET Goat 5000 puffs came with a higher price tag in comparison to previous IGET Vape Australia models. Starting from $23-$28 on IGET Goat Bulk and IGET Goat Wholesale on our website.

IGET King Australia

The IGET King 2600 puffs was the leading model during its time for IGET Vape Australia. Introducing completely new and innovative features at the time such as see-through tank and an aesthetic full matte black design, it ticked all the boxes. Especially for those who wanted to keep their vaping habit discreet.

A key feature for the IGET King 2600 puffs was its nicotine strength. Producing a dense and bold tasting vapour with the ideal balance of nicotine, satisfying those cravings. Producing a respectable 2600 puffs, the IGET King ensured you were getting a deep drag from each puff. Coming in 24 flavours, it offered a wide variety from menthol-based options to fruity combinations. The price for the IGET King Wholesale and IGET King Bulk ranging from $18-$23

IGET XXL Australia

Is the IGET vape XXL Australia legal? Yes, it is, it is one of IGET Vapes Australia’s first few projects. Achieving a small and vibrant yet minimalistic design, it was made to fit all sorts of everyday lifestyle as it was small enough to slip into your pocket or carry in your bag. Also having a lower price tag making the IGET vape XXL Australia cheap.

A noticeable feature of the IGET XXL 1800 puffs was its immense flavour variety, with IGET producing 36 IGET XXL flavours. All offering distinct combinations and tastes, ranging from desserts, beverages, and exotic fruits. For the IGET XXL’s small size, it makes a respectable 1800 puffs which is impressive for a device that’s smaller than a pen. The XXL is the most cost effective vape you find, for instance $13 for IGET XXL Wholesale and $18 for IGET XXL Bulk.

IGET Vape Australia Near me

For all the vapers in IGET Vape Brisbane. If you are short on IGET vape sellers make sure to check out the Vape Shark Australia website to find all your desired vaping goods and needs. From the best IGET models to the most recent flavours we have it all. So why wait, come shop for your new IGET vape Australia today.

IGET Vape Perth if you desire faster shipping, make sure to get express shipping your parcels to cut down on delivery time. You can free express shipping when you spend over $250 with us. Meaning you get to smoke your favourite quicker than usual.

IGET Vape Gold Coast, we know how hot it can get up there. So why not grab a refreshing, Icey vape from Vape Shark Australia. Stocking the largest range of IGET models and flavours, you can choose to cool of through the click of a button.

IGET Vape Adelaide may have limited IGET vape sellers, but fortunately there that’s why Vape Shark Australia is here. We do express shipping to Adelaide and all other major Australian cities. Meaning you can products from IGET vape Australia quicker.

IGET Vape Melbourne smokers, make sure to try the IGET Legend as it is the no.1 selling IGET disposable vape in Melbourne. If you still aren’t convinced, we also do price matches, meaning you get to save money while getting rewarded with express shipping and complimentary whilst shopping with us at Vape Shark Australia.

IGET Vape Townsville may experience some delay in shipping time due to extreme weather conditions. Nevertheless, we ensure your parcel will get to you, so stay patient and frequently check your tracking ID for updates.

IGET Vape Australia FAQ

Yes, you can. If you are asking yourself where’s the closest IGET vape near me, you can easily find them at your local service station or tobacconist. You can also shop on our website through our wide range of IGET vape Australia.

Each IGET vape typically contains anywhere around 25-40 cigarettes, depending on the vapes puff count. The bigger puff count, the bigger cigarette equivalent. If you seek a weaker alternative, we recommend the IGET vape nicotine free selection.

Yes, in the IGET vape disposable Australia there is a certain level of nicotine used to enhance the taste and flavour of the device. Although, there are nicotine-free options for those who seek an alternative to the IGET nicotine vape.

Attention all nicotine vaping product users! As of October 1st, 2021, all nicotine e-cigarettes, pods, and liquid nicotine are now classified as Schedule 4 (Prescription Only) medicines. This means that to purchase these products, you will now require a prescription from a licensed medical professional. Keep this in mind as you plan your next purchase of nicotine vaping products.

It is not illegal to buy IGET vape online, you are free to purchase and shop for IGET vape online with peace of mind. However, it is illegal to import disposable vapes from overseas into Australian borders. For those who seek to buy bulk or wholesale quantities, you can browse the Vape Shark website as we have fulfilment centres across Australia that can ship the amount you desire.

According to recent health studies, they have found that vapes are significantly less harmful in comparison to cigarettes. As disposable vapes lack the toxic and harmful chemical and substances found in cigarettes.

You can find IGET Australia products at your local service station or tobacconist. You can also shop on our website through our wide range of IGET vapes Australia. When shopping with us at Vape Shark Australia, you are eligible to price match products as customer satisfaction is our number priority. You are also rewarded with free express shipping and complimentary items on your orders when a certain amount is spent.

As of now, IGET Vape Australia is largest disposable vape brand in Australia and is leading the market with their well-crafted models such as the IGET Bar and IGET Legend, which can be found on the Vape Shark Australia website.

At this point in time, IGET has not released a rechargeable disposable vape yet. If you seek to purchase a rechargeable device, make sure to consistently check our website for any new releases.

IGET Vape Price Table


3500 PUFFS
$ 28 1 Pcs
  • 10 Packs $25 Each
  • 30 Packs $20 Each
  • 60 Packs $18 Each

IGET Legend

4000 PUFFS
$ 28 1 Pcs
  • 10 Packs $25 Each
  • 30 Packs $20 Each
  • 60 Packs $18 Each


5000 PUFFS
$ 33 1 Pcs
  • 10 Packs $28 Each
  • 30 Packs $23 Each
  • 60 Packs $20 Each


2600 PUFFS
$ 28 1 Pcs
  • 10 Packs $23 Each
  • 30 Packs $18 Each
  • 60 Packs $17 Each

IGET Vape Flavours List

Mango ice, Blueberry ice, Double apple, Strawberry watermelon ice, Ice cream, Strawberry kiwi ice, Cola ice, Grape ice, Blueberry raspberry, Peach Ice, Cherry Pomegranate, Lush Ice, Blackberry Ice, Mix Berry, Strawberry raspberry, Banana ice, Cherry Blueberry, Blackberry raspberry lemon, Passion fruit mango lime, Melon ice, Pineapple ice, Strawberry Lemon ice, Orange Mango pineapple ice, Banana pomegranate Cherry ice, Passionfruit watermelon juice, Blackberry Pome Cherry Ice, Kiwi Pineapple Ice, Raspberry Grape, Watermelon Mint Iced, Passion Fruit Kiwi Guava, Dynamic Mint

IGET Legend 4000 Puffs

1.Grape ice

2.Lush ice

3.Passion fruit mango ice

4.Peach pineapple lime

5.Strawberry watermelon

6.Blueberry raspberry grape ice

7.Blackberry ice

8. Cola Lemon soda

9. Strawberry kiwi ice

10.Mango banana ice

11. Pink Lemonade orange juice

12. Passionfruit melon ice

13.Raspberry watermelon lemon

14. Watermelon kiwi pomegranate

15. Orange melon lemon

16. Peach Guava strawberry ice

17. Blueberry blackberry ice

18. Aloe Mango cantaloupe

19. Plain coffee

20. Pineapple Watermelon lemon ice

21. Mango Banana Lemon

22.Blueberry Berries Blackcurrant

23. Passion fruit grape orange

24. Passion fruit Watermelon ice

25. Peach Strawberry Ice

26. Fresh Mint


1.Lush Ice

2.Double Apple lime 

3.Cherry ice 

4.Aloe Grape

5.Strawberry watermelon

6.Fruit Gummy

7.Strawberry Kiwi 

8. Blackberry Raspberry ice

9. Pink Lemon Berry

10.Blueberry Raspberry Lemon

11. Energy Rush 

12. Passionfruit grape orange

13.Mango Berry ice 


1.Cool Peach

2.Iced Grape

3.Lush Fruit

4.Pineapple Juice ice

5.Iced Blueberry

6.Passion Fruit Pineapple Cranberry ice

7.Mango Bomb

8.Strawberry Watermelon

9.Blackberry Raspberry ice

10.Mint Ice

11.Blueberry raspberry ice

12.Smooth tobacco

13.blackberry ice

14.very berry ice

15.passion fruit mango ice

16.passion fruit grape ice

17.Cola ice

18.Double apple

19.Strawberry kiwi ice

20.Lychee ice

21.strawberry apple banana

22.papaya banana

23.strawberry cherry

24.vanilla ice cream

26. raspberry pomegrante

27.kiwi grape

28.Tropical Fruit

29. Blueberry  blackcurrant

30. Banana  Dragon  Fruit



Lush ice

Blue razz

Pink Lemonade

Mojito lime

B.R.G ice

Pineapple juice ice

Energy drink

Kiwi ice

Blueberry ice


Peach Ice

Mixed berry

Passion fruit

Mint Lemonade

Guava ice

Mint ice

Cherry ice

Blackberry ice

Cotton candy

Bubble gum

Strawberry Watermelon

Mango Guava

Blackberry raspberry orange

Double Apple

Rasberry Lemon

Grape Blueberry

Cherry Pomegrante

Strawberry Ice

strawberry banana

Passionfruit Pome watermelon

Cola lime

Mix fruit

Blackberry grape

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