IGET Bar Wholesale

Are you looking to solve your vape craving crisis? Are your local convenience stores and tobacconists charging way too much for disposable vapes? Are you looking for a quick one-stop, online vape shop? Then you have come to the right place. If you are interested in purchasing the IGET Bar or yet any IGET vape in large quantities, then you are in luck as we will be discussing the IGET Bar wholesale Australia pack on this page. If you are concerned about prices, rest assured that we offer cheap IGET Bars, meaning you get to enjoy your vape without tearing a hole in your wallet. So, what are you still reading for, shop for IGET vape Wholesale right now while you can.

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IGET Bar Wholesale

IGET Bar Bulk

5 Wholesale Bundle Options For Everyone's Need

For those who shopping on a budget, do not worry as we are here to cater for you as well. That’s why we offer the IGET Bar bulk pack. Our cheapest IGET Bar 3500 bulk pack. It contains 10 packs of the Bar in flavours that you full control over, meaning you get to smoke flavours you actually like. The IGET Bars bulk cheap price come to $41 per pack, meaning you save $5 on each Bar and $50 as a total sum at the checkout. The IGET Bar 3500 bulk Australia ideal for customers with tense financial situations or that only desire a small amount of vapes. Although due to the lower price this is one of the more popular bundles, so don’t waste any time and buy yours today.

The IGET Bar Wholesale Australia contains 30 packs. They come in flavours that you choose from our wide variety of options. The IGET Bar 30 pack is the ideal item for those who enjoy spontaneous and benevolent gestures. Why let your friends and family waste their money on overpriced vapes when you can just share your IGET Bars cheap. At vape wholesale Sydney, every pack is $38, saving you $8 on each Bar and $240 altogether.

With the current ban on vapes in Australia, some are finding it difficult to order and purchase their go-to vapes. Fortunately, this is not an issue for us, the disposable vapes wholesale Australia ensure that you can order and smoke whatever you need whenever you want. We offer a IGET Bar Wholesale 60 pack for people who have their own customers to please. There is no need to panic as the bundle is enough for any reseller or online vape retailer. You have the flexibility to individually choose each flavour for your bundle, allowing you to arrange it to your customers preference. Our cheap IGET Bars go for $16, saving you $9 on each and $540 at the checkout. This is one business opportunity you do not want to pass up.

Are you a store owner in distress? Are the prices of vapes on the market too expensive? Are you unable to find stock? Well, rest assured because we are here to help with the IGET Bar wholesale 120 pack. Disposable vapes Wholesale Australia has whatever you need available at the cheapest prices. For tobacconists and convenience store owners, this bulk buy disposable vapes Australia option is the ideal bundle as it’s cost-effective and has the sufficient amount to supply any store. Every pack is sold for $14, saving you $11 each and $1,320 all up. That’s enough savings to purchase another bundle, so don’t waste this opportunity.

For the big ballers, we offer the most luxurious and cost-effective bundle on the market whilst also selling the cheapest IGET vapes. For those are ready to go big or go home, we offer the IGET Bar wholesale 200 pack bundle, yes you heard me. This wholesale IGET Vapes bundle is enough to keep you and your friends smoking for the entire year and then some. Not a single disposable vape Australian bulk comes close to compete with the sheer size of this monster bundle. Within the bundle comes 200 packs of the IGET Bar in all flavours of your choice at a reduced price. Each individual Bar is $12, saving you $13 per pack and an immense $2,600 altogether.

7 Facts Before Purchasing IGET Bar Wholesale

Here is no such thing as overcompensating when it comes to disposable vaping. Introducing the IGET Bar wholesale bundle. We completely understand your reasoning behind this purchase, you have friends that rob your IGET Bars, and you need some for yourself. Well Luckily with the IGET Bar wholesale in Australia, there is more than enough for everyone. You’ve entered the vast universe of vaping, where the IGET Bar shines like a supernova. As one of the most sought-after vaping devices in Australia, it’s not just a product; it’s a lifestyle choice.

Unbox a world of flavours and memories with an IGET Bar box. Each box, elegantly designed, cradles an experience waiting to unfold. Imagine the pure satisfaction of opening your new IGET Bar box and discovering a plethora of vibrant, mouthwatering vape flavours.

The true magic lies within the diverse vape flavours of the IGET bar. From zesty fruit medleys to smooth, creamy delights, there’s an IGET Bar flavour to match every mood and occasion. You could go for a tangy blueberry rush, or perhaps a cool mint breeze. The choice is all yours. No matter your preference, each puff promises a unique vaping adventure.

Buying IGET Bars in bulk isn’t just about stocking up on your favourite vape. It’s a smart decision for savvy vapers who understand the joy of always having an IGET Bar on hand.

Whether you’re a vaping enthusiast looking to share the IGET experience with friends, or a retailer seeking to meet customer demand, buying IGET Bars bulk offers an economical solution. You’re investing in quality, satisfaction, and the assurance that your vaping journey remains uninterrupted.

The IGET Bar wholesale option is an excellent opportunity for retailers and vaping connoisseurs alike. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer IGET Bars wholesale at an unbeatable price of $20 each.

As a retailer, you can meet your customers’ vaping needs while enjoying the benefit of wholesale pricing. And as a vaper, you can keep your vaping experience fresh and exciting with a generous stock of your favourite IGET Bar flavours.

With an IGET Legend at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, you’re all set to conquer the day, one puff at a time.

As your trusted source for IGET Bars in Australia, we invite you to explore the unparalleled convenience and cost savings of our IGET Bar wholesale program. Enjoy a broad selection of flavours, secure packaging, and a seamless shopping experience.

Indulge in the vibrant world of IGET Bar flavours and secure your supply today with our IGET Bar wholesale option. Your vaping journey just got a whole lot more exciting.

When you make the wise choice of investing in the IGET Bar wholesale bundle, you are blessed with 3-200 boxes, equalling 30-200 individual pieces of any flavours you desire. Allowing you to have a diverse flavour range.


Each IGET Bar packaging contains 10 pack IGET Bars. When purchasing the bulk bundle you have the choice to individually choose each flavour in your bundle. Although, do not be alarmed as the IGET Box will display a single flavour but will contain your custom arrangement of flavours.

At Vape Shark Australia, you are eligible to earn rewards points through any bundle that contains below 30 units. On top of free express postage and complimentary Gunnpod Meta with your bundles, you are also rewarded with points that you can accumulate and use to claim free vapes.

Depending on the bundle, the prices for the bars vary. For instance, an individual Bar costs $25, a bulk bundle containing 10 packs costs $20 each. The wholesale bundles have multiple versions increasing in quantity meaning the higher the number of vapes, the cheaper the price. The 30 pack wholesale bundle costs $18 each, the 60 pack wholesale bundle costs $16 each, the 120 pack wholesale bundle coasts $14 each and finally the 200 pack wholesale bundle costs $12 each. All coming with free express postage and complimentary Gunnpod mETA, not to mention reward points.

At Vape Shark Australia, we do not accept any method of split and pro-longed payments as it increases the chance of scam and fraud. We have established a points reward system allowing customers to claim any free vape from our wide selection when they accumulate a significant number of points. Points are earned each time you spend with us, the more you spend, the more points you redeem.


The minimum amount of vapes you must order to redeem the wholesale discount is 30 units. Meaning orders starting from and above the 30-pack wholesale bundle are eligible for wholesale percentage discounts.

The popularity of flavours often shift over time as new flavours tend become the publics favourite. Although they are some that retain the top spots amongst others. With that being said, here are our top 10 IGET Bar bulk bundle flavours:

  1. Raspberry Grape
  2. Blackberry Cherry Pomegranate
  3. Passionfruit Kiwi Guava
  4. Grape Ice
  5. Strawberry Raspberry
  6. Melon Ice
  7. Banana Ice
  8. Strawberry Watermelon
  9. Watermelon Mint Ice
  10. Cherry Pomegranate

Of course you can, how could it be one flavour? At Vape Shark Australia you have the pleasure of choosing your own desired flavours, allowing you to smoke for months without getting bored.

Of course there is. Here at Vape Shark Australia we offer a wholesale bundle which is 200+ individual IGET Bar pieces. Not only that, but we also have a further reduced price on each Bar as it only costs $11. Saving you $14 for every each and an immense $BIG altogether. Saving you enough to purchase endless wholesale bundles. We also give you the ability to choose multiple flavours for each of the  boxes of Bars, allowing you to have a wide variety within the comfort of your own home.

You should know, when shopping at Vape Shark Australia, you will never have to worry about this issue. As we get our stock directly from IGET themselves. Due to our partnership, we receive stock through them and other legitimate as well as trusted sources.

At Vape Shark Australia, we have the IGET Legend wholesale and IGET Legend bulk Australia available. As well as every other vape in wholesale bundles. We offer all your favourite vapes in both bulk and wholesale bundles to cater to your needs, meaning you will never run into an inconvenience when shopping with us. So if you are considering purchasing the IGET Legend 4000 bulk buy bundle remember it also comes with free express postage and complimentary Gunnpod Air’s. So don’t wait, get your order in while stock lasts.

Vape Shark Australia

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