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IGET Bar Plus Refill Pod Wholesale

For the vape enthusiasts that are prepared to embellish on their vape journeys, start by checking our page where you find cheap disposable vape Australia as well as the latest. IGET Bar Plus refill Pod Wholesale bundles. Not what you’re looking for? No worries, explore our wide variety of deals and products and indulge in the immense savings. Have some unanswered questions, trot over to our FAQ section to find all information you need. Still hesitant? Rest assured when shopping with Vape Shark Australia that you are in the hands vape connoisseurs, not vape sellers.

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IGET Bar Plus Pod Wholesale

IGET Bar Plus Pod Bulk 39 AUD Each

5 Wholesale Bundle Options For Everyone's Need

Bored of the shallow waters and want to out deeper? Well dive headfirst into the IGET Bar Plus pod bulk bundle. Containing 10 in flavours of your choice, for those that have found their tide and just need more pods to float on. Best suited for consistent vapers who already own the kit that wish to simply restock on their refills. The cheap bulk IGET vapes is priced at $390 saving you $5 on each pod and $50 altogether.

Feel the pull of the vaping current? Time to stock up and sail smoother with the IGET Pod Wholesale 30 pack. Indulge in 30 separate flavoured pods and save time and money with your heavy IGET Pod Wholesale restock. Particularly popular amongst vapers that know their signature flavours that enjoy having a spare stash laying around. Sydney vape wholesale has never been cheaper, with our 30 pack bundle only costing you $480, saving you $4 on each pod and $120 altogether to keep in your pocket.

Ready to put your friends on the immense savings at Vape Shark Australia, then look no further than the IGET Replacement wholesale 60 pack. Holding a heavy 60 pods in flavours of your choosing, it is the party starter any function or event. Whether your mates are chipping in or its to make a good first impression, it is the perfect Vape Wholesale Australia investment. This smoke bomb will cost you only $840, saving you $6 a pod and $360 in total.

A resellers paradise, splash around in the exclusive and authentic range of IGET 6000 Pod Wholesale. Swim deep enough to discover a treasure holding up to 120 pods all in various flavours of your liking. Top-quality, authentic pods caught daily and sipped directly from IGET, stable and consistent stock whenever you’re in need. The IGET bulk cheap is for the bravest of resellers, investors and entrepreneurs. Take a cold plunge into the sea of savings with our 120-pack bundle priced at $1440, catching you $8 per pod and $960 all up.

The megalodon of all IGET Bar Plus Refill Pod Wholesale bundles, enough to anchor a booming vape business heavy as the sea, promising hefty profits and happy customers. This 200-pack bundle not only allows you to select individual flavours but also establishes your reputation as distributor. Making it the ideal choice for store owners and suppliers. The IGET wholesale Australia bundle is priced at $2200, saving you $9 per pod and allowing you to pocket $1,800. So why wait, make the right financial decision and purchase your 200-pack bundle and try to navigate through all your profit.

6 Benefits Before Purchasing IGET Pod Wholesale

Enjoy the luxury of premium products and discounts. Whether it’s the IGET Bar Plus Refill Pod Wholesale bundles you’re after, or you’re just looking for IGET Bar Plus Kit Wholesale Bundle we got you covered. So why drown in the inflated prices at service stations or tobacconists when you can ride the wave of savings here at Vape Shark Australia.

Shop with elegance and comfort, knowing that as an official IGET partner in Australia, we serve the real deal, ensuring you don’t get caught in the net of fakes. Meaning you can snag yourself IGET Vapes bulk cheap. Browse our endless range with peace of mind on our IGET POD Wholesale Official Website and feel the currents of genuine customer care and service.

Flaunting a plethora of stock and flavours, it’s a no-brainer to get your IGET 6000 Wholesale needs with Vape Shark Australia. Covering products and varieties like the vast oceans, we do not leave anything out as we cater to every vaper’s taste. When you pair our commitment to customer satisfaction with our IGET Vape Bulk bundles, it makes sense why we’re the largest growing online retail vape store in Australia.

Regardless of if you’re a solo surfer or the next shark of Wall Street, we have tailored bundles to cater to you. You’re simply looking to stock up on your personal stash, the Starter Pack is your go to, or you’re looking for an investment with a guaranteed return, then the 200-pack IGET replacement pod wholesale bundle is the money printing machine for you.

We know you’re sick of waiting for parcels that take weeks to arrive. Fortunately for you that’s a problem of the past. As our Australia Same-day dispatching system ensures your order will hit your doorstep quicker than the choppiest waves.

Don’t fall into the trap of overpriced vapes, instead leap into the pool of savings we offer here at Vape Shark Australia. Embrace the versatility of the services we offer and utilise the cost-effectiveness of our popular IGET bar plus bulk bundles! When catch our wave of savings, you’ll never surf the web for another.


All IGET Boxes, regardless of their model, contain 10 packs. At Vape Shark Australia, vapers can buy bulk IGET bar plus pods at lowest prices, not only saving money, but time and patience.

Vape Shark Australia of course! We are the official trusted partner of IGET, meaning we receive supplies of genuine and authentic products directly from IGET, allowing to offer the lowest and most fierce prices. Perth Disposable Vape Shops can now rest assured knowing they have a reliable and consistent whole vape supplier that ensures authenticity and affordability.

Explore our vast range of exceptional products and flavours, offering vapers 13 IGET Bar Plus flavours to indulge in. We understand the importance of variety and flexibility, that is why we offer an extensive selection to choose from, ensuring our customers always have some th9ng new to try. The top 3 flavours according the Vape shark Team is:

1.Blueberry Raspberry Bubblegum

2.Strawberry Watermelon

3.Passionfruit Kiwi Guava

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes further than endless variety, express postage, and cost-effective prices. It’s our pursuit of authentic and genuine products, that we offer to our customers so that shop with peace of mind. As the official IGET partner, Vape Shark guarantees the newest and upmost authentic service of products. When shopping the last thing you’ll have to worry about is fake IGET bar plus pods or kits.

With the individual IGET Bar Plus Pod price being $20, you’re destined to save if you Buy wholesale vape Australia. As prices diving as low as $11 per pod in bulk purchases, the potential savings are substantial compared to individual retail purchases. Not to mention, you receive free express postage with each wholesale bundle.

Well, the lowest quantity wholesale bundle comes with 10 packs. Although, we offer a vast selection of Bulk disposable vapes Australia bundles to cater to all vapers, from beginners which would be suitable for starter pack with contains 10 pods, to large distributors that would ideal consider the 200 megalodon bundle.

Not only do we guarantee via Australia post, we also offer Australia express shipping for all wholesale bundles and orders. Meaning your order will reach you in no longer than 2-3 business days. Regardless of where you reside, we can reach you as we ship to every corner of Australia. Whether it’s ocean or land, we deliver.

For our VIP sharks, we reward their loyalty through exclusive offers and deeper dives into discounts. Although, we ensure to prioritise and treat all customers equally. At Vape Shark Australia we express our gratitude to our loyal pod of customers through complimentary vapes and express postage on IGET 6000 Wholesale bundle orders.