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We’re guessing you are looking for the next best disposable vape. Well, you are in luck, as we only offer the most innovative and top the line disposable vapes that are currently on the market such us IGET, Gunnpod and HQD, narrowing your options down only to the best products that use the highest grade of quality materials. Grab yourself a disposable vape now and enjoy our same-day dispatch and free Express shipping service. If you want to know more about the disposable vapes, we strongly recommend you to read the FAQ down the bottom of the page. 

Price: $16-$50

Price: $12-$46

Price:  $12-$46

Price: $15-$50

Price:  $12-$46

Price: $18-$50

Price: $45-$50

Price: $18-$28

Price: $18-$25

Price: $8-$15

Price: $8-$22

Price: $15-$25

Disposable Vape 101

Disposable vapes are commonly referred to as ‘electric cigarettes’. This is due its imitation of it, with the absence of harmful toxins and chemicals found in cigarettes. It is a battery powered device which is composed of intricate mechanical parts such as atomiser, vaporiser, coil, lithium battery, E-juice and so on. All these parts are put together to create a more enjoyable vapour experience. They often come in an arrangement of various flavours to suit the smoker’s preference.

Advantage Of Disposable Vape

Upon opening your device, you can rest assured that your disposable vape is already pre-filled juice for your convenience. So open and smoke away and no need to worry about refill.

Let’s be honest, we are always in a rush. Leaving us no time to charge our devices. Well, you will be glad to know that disposable vapes come with a pre-charged battery, allowing you smoke as soon you take it out the packaging and the battery will last until you have completely finish what’s inside.

Convenience is key nowadays as we are always on the move, luckily disposable vapes are the ideal size for on-the-go use. Big enough for your hands to gain a firm grip yet compact enough to fit into your pocket, bag, or purse.

When you are craving for a hit, the device operates through a draw activation system, so as you inhale from the mouthpiece the battery will activate the coil which burns and produces thick clouds of vapour. No need for press any button. 

We have all been there, you are either at work, dating or with the family and craving a quick Nic hit. Fortunately, disposable vapes do not carry an odour that latches onto you or your clothes like cigarettes. They are more discreet as they often have a small and compact frame, looking like a stationery item most of the time. Leave no bad smell on your body.

For those with picky pallets or specific preferences, disposable vapes often come in a wide variety flavour offering smokers options from exotic fruits, beverages, and decadent desserts. Better than the one from the restaurant your dad always takes you to.