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IGET Legend 4000 PUFFS

Explore the authentic flavours of IGET Legend 4000 Puffs disposable vape at the cheapest price, starting just $16 each.

All flavours are available at Vape Shark. The immaculate flavour consistency is a feature that puts it over its competition. The 1350mAh battery powers your vaping, allowing you to smoke in comfort without any stress.


4000 PUFFS


1350 mAH



E-Liquid Capacity

12 mL

Bulk And Wholesale Bundle

IGET LEGEND 4000 Puffs

IGET Legend Product Features

  • LED Ring Light: The IGET Legend Vape features a LED Ring light to indicate when the device is in use and functional as it utilises an MTL auto-draw activation system. These two are paired to portray to the smoker that the 1350mAH battery is reactive and working. Nevertheless, do not rely on the ring light as a source of light, it isn’t a torch buddy. It won’t succour you in the dark so don’t have a sook when the lights in your house go off.
  • Ceramic Coil: What’s worse than opening a new disposable vape and right from the first puff it tastes burnt? Fortunately, there is a solution to your life crisis. The IGET Legend Australia comes with a ceramic coil is sets the standard for quality as it is used for most disposable vapes. It is designed to increase the surface area which is used to evenly burn the 12mL of e-juice to create smooth smoke that is not too harsh on your throat. It has superior heat retention which takes less of a toll on the battery during usage.
  • Minimalist Design: The IGET Legend 4000 has a black frame with a complete blacked-out tank, disguising itself as more of a stationery item that can be stored in your purse, bag or even your pencil case. Enjoy the blissful vapour experience of the Legend without the stress of odour. Although, we firmly advise against taking out during work or a family matter. As we are sure you would not like to jeopardise your job or family situation all because you needed a hit of nicotine.
  • Non-slip Material: Be honest with me. How many times have you embarrassed yourself by dropping your disposable vape during a conversation? Because I refuse to be the only person to do it. Due to this, IGET Legend Vape incorporates a matte finish to establish a non-slip grip on the device. Making it easy to gain a tight grasp around it, eliminating the worry of dropping it.
  • Flavour Chaser: When it comes to flavour, the IGET Legend 4000 puffs is the epitome of excellence. With a variety of 20 IGET Legends flavours, there isn’t room for any shortage. Composing the most accurate as well as tasteful flavours in the IGET range, no wonder everyone is after it.


The IGET Legend 4000 is the second-largest disposable vape in the IGET range. With a substantial 4000 puffs, the Legend will save you time and money whilst you take on everyday life’s challenges.

The IGET Legend is a disposable vape with various unique aspects which are exclusive to its model, with an immense tank holding 12mL of E-liquid, generating 4000 puffs. It comes with various flavours providing the user with distinctive tastes. The Legend is best suited for those who desire the longevity of a reusable device with the taste of a newly opened disposable.

The outcome can alter with different smokers as it solely depends on your usage of the device. Consistent, daily use can drain the built-in 1350mAH battery and dry the prefilled 12mL of e-juice. So, make sure to be mindful and monitor your usage.

This is an answer that only you can find through personal experience. It’s all about trial and error, finding what tastes you do and don’t like. As everyone has their preferences, it would be inaccurate to name one flavour but here are some recommendations to make things easier:

  • Mango Banana– You are on your lunch break at work but would rather be on a tropical island eating hand-picked bananas and mangoes, well then, the IGET Legend Mango Banana will teleport you to paradise full of ripe, juicy mangoes and soft, sweet bananas. All before your break ends of course.
  • Peach Guava Strawberry– Being in an argument can be one of the most frustrating things known to humans. Now imagine arguing with a juicy peach, a ripe guava, and fresh strawberries. You would not know who to taste, I mean, listen to first. By the end of it, you would be much calmer rather than after a regular argument.
  • Watermelon Kiwi Pomegranate– Want to go on an expensive tropical holiday but can’t afford it, I know your pain. That’s where the Watermelon Kiwi Pomegranate IGET Legend comes in. It’s that one-way ticket to Ibiza that you can’t afford all in a disposable vape. When smoking this you’ll immediately message your friends not to message you because you are on holiday, in your own apartment.
  • B.R.G– You are at home and for once, you feel like eating fruit, but you only have apples. Not to worry, because the Blueberry Raspberry Grape is the solution to your healthy craving. The explosion of berries in your mouth will leave you in a state of bliss without the sticky hands and mess.

The IGET King Australia has an intense 6% nicotine content. New to intermediate smokers beware, the King will give you a head spin like you are on a ride at Luna Park. However, in no circumstance do we condone the use of nicotine for persons under the age of 18.

I am guessing it has happened to all of us, you are out having a good time and you go to light up a cigarette and receive a shameful stare from a stranger. Now due to the embarrassment you want to switch to disposable vapes but want to know the equivalence. Well, unfortunately, we cannot be sure as there isn’t a proven number. Although we can assure you that the IGET King 2600 is a much safer and cheaper alternative.

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