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The IGET XXL is a staple for the disposable vape industry as it was an innovative product that set the path for vapes that came after. The round aluminium frame and vibrant metallic design made it an eye-catcher. The internal components were no joke, the 950mAH producing an impressive 1800 puffs for a significantly small compact vape. Along with its affordable price, it became immensely popular quickly amongst vapers.


1800 PUFFS


950 mAH




7 mL

Bulk And Wholesale Bundle

IGET XXL 1800 Puffs

IGET XXL 1800 Product Features

  • Affordable Price: The IGET XXL disposable vape attracted a mass amount of attention due to several features, but more specifically its price. Typically, starting from anywhere between $13 AUD to $20 AUD. The ridiculous price set shock waves throughout the vape scene as most smokers on a budget sought for IGET XXL vapes.
  • Small Compact Size: The IGET XXL 1800 puff’s size was feature that went unnoticed yet was extremely convenient. Its small and compact build made it easy to slide into your pocket or to toss in your bag/purse. Making a portable device you could enjoy wherever you are.
  • Aluminium Frame: The aluminium material used to make the frame made the IGET XXL 1800 vapes a sturdy device. Weighing 45g, the XXL made accidental drops and broken parts a problem of the past due to its heavy-duty frame and solid build. Not mention the vibrant colours in would come in.
  • Largest Range of Flavours: The IGET XXL disposable vape has an immense flavour range with 35 unique flavours available for smokers to choose from. The wide variety allows you to find your signature flavour regardless of your preference, as there is flavour that caters to all your desires.
  • Flat Duckbill Mouthpiece: All IGET XXL vapes featured a flat, duckbill shaped mouthpiece. Imposing an intuitive design that was unique amongst most other disposable vapes. The flat surface of the mouthpiece would perfectly perch on your lips whilst you would take a puff. Ensuring comfortability while vaping.


The IGET XXL’s inbuilt 950mAH battery produces a respectable 1800 puffs. Enough to last a frequent smoker for up to a week of flavourful vapour fun. Once it is finished, its affordable price entices you to buy another one.

  • Double Apple: The IGET XXL Double Apple depicts its flavour through its infamous name. It is your portable double apple flavoured hookah. Composing a dense taste of crips tart green apples with sweet scarlet red apples. Creating a mixture of sweet and sour with a subtle yet strong exhale that perfectly hits the throat.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: The IGET XXL Strawberry Watermelon is the classic blend of ripe, honey-sweet strawberries with juicy and luscious watermelon. Concocting the most tantalising and refreshing flavoured vapour. Composing a creamy taste when in contact with your tongue.
  • Cherry Ice: The IGET XXL Cherry Ice is one of the more intriguing flavours within the XXL range. The bitter then sweet tasting cherries are infused with a prevalent ice-cold menthol. Creating a truly delicious taste that you can enjoy all day without getting bored.
  • Grape: The IGET XXL Grape takes your typical grape flavour and re-creates it into a mouth-watering experience. The emphasis of cold, sweet, juicy grapes is paired with a dense cooling agent to compose the ideal summertime flavour.

The IGET XXL 1800 puff disposable vape contains a 5% nicotine content. The adequate amount for any vaper regardless of their experience or tolerance. The XXL allows you to indulge in its intricate and distinct flavours without the presence of intense amounts of throat burning nicotine.

Unfortunately, it is not. Given that the IGET XXL 1800 puffs is one of the smallest and oldest models within the IGET range, it only contains a mere 5% of nicotine. When newer models have more as well as a few containing the same amount. Although due to the significant size difference, the new models compose a denser and stronger vapour compared to the compact XXL.

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