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IGET King 2600 PUFFS

If you seek the purest taste of e-liquids vapourised to perfection, the IGET King 2600 puffs disposable vape is going to re-shape the way you smoke entirely. The use of the reinforced ceramic coil allows it to fight against metal oxidation, allowing it to retain heat more efficiently. This evidently composing a purer flavour of the e-juice in the vapour you inhale and exhale. Pure brilliance.


2600 PUFFS


1400 mAH




8.5 mL

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IGET KING 2600 Puffs

IGET KING Product Features

  • Visible Tank: The IGET King Australia features a truly intriguing and intuitive feature. It has a see-through tank, allowing you to view your 8.5mL of e-juice level and monitor your usage throughout its life span. Giving you the ability to plan ahead of time for your next purchase. This way you will always have a King on hand regardless of what you are doing or where you are.
  • Ceramic Coil: The IGET King vape takes advantage of the benefits of a ceramic coil, establishing an evident difference with your vaping. The ceramic coil is more durable than the common coil, it prevails against metal oxidation. Composing better hits, longer lifespans as well as the significant difference in flavour that you notice with the King from the first puff.
  • Curved duckbill mouthpiece: The IGET Kings vape took a simple yet effective approach on the mouthpiece. Most manufacturers tend to implement intricate and uncomfortable designs to stand out. Whereas the King emphasises the effectiveness of simplicity, using a thick, curved duckbill shaped mouthpiece. Comfortably sitting on your lips.
  • Draw Activation: The IGET King vape utilises the draw activation system, allowing you to produce and pull in vapour when the in-built 1400mAH battery detects the inhale. Given that the process initiates upon your inhale, everything is automatic. Meaning no need for buttons or dials. Just take a puff and smoke away.


The majority of the IGET Kings flavours are popular as they each have their target audience. It varies depending on your preferences as each flavour has a distinct taste. Here are our top four:

  • Mango Bomb– Intertwines unbelievably smooth creamy mangoes to concoct a bold and sweet autumn essential.
  • Iced Grape– Blends the sweet irresistible taste of ripe grapes with freezing cold of menthol to compose the go-to summertime flavour.
  • Blackberry Ice– Soaks the sweet undertones of blackberries in ice and throws a touch of menthol for class. The perfect stylish companion for the summer.
  • Strawberry Kiwi Ice- Enjoy the sweet aromatic decadent strawberries whilst being welcomed by insatiable exhilarating tart kiwis with the subtle presence of ice to finish everything off. This can cater to your needs all year round.

The IGET King produces a respectable 2600 puffs from its internal 1400mAH battery. With each puff smacking your lips with dense flavours, like your parents.

This may be due to your coil as repetitive use and overheating can damage the coil. If so, the coil will overheat the e-juice producing a burnt-tasting vapour. 

I am guessing it has happened to all of us, you are out having a good time and you go to light up a cigarette and receive a shameful stare from a stranger. Now due to the embarrassment you want to switch to disposable vapes but want to know the equivalence. Well, unfortunately, we cannot be sure as there isn’t a proven number. Although we can assure you that the IGET King 2600 is a much safer and cheaper alternative.

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