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IGET Bar Plus Wholesale

Dive deep into depths of our exclusive offers and services found on this page. Here you’ll come across the Bar Plus Wholesale Bundle deals we offer and the variety of packages they come in, as well as the benefits to buy cheap disposable vapes bulk when shopping with us. The unbeatable pricing we offer will be covered, to give you a little taste we have 10 for $23 each, 30 for $20 each, 60 for $18 each, 120 for $15 each and 200 for $14 each. Also, a thorough and detailed review on IGET Bar Plus explaining pros and cons of what It has to offer.

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IGET Bar Plus Bulk 10 Pack

5 Wholesale Bundle Options For Everyone's Need

Want to buy cheap IGET vapes for your personal stash, no worries. The IGET Bar Plus 10 Pack Bundle is already waiting at the checkout for you. In this bundle you receive 10 packs of the IGET Bar Plus bulk for $30 each compared to the standard $35. Saving $5 on each pack and $50 all up for your next late-night feed.

Let me guess, you were ordering for yourself, and your mate caught ya. Well, no need to stress because we have you covered with the IGET Bar Plus Wholesale 30 Pack Bundle. This package helps that mate in need of a nicotine fix. Coming with 30 packs of the Bar Plus, each dropping to $20 from $28, shaving off $8 per pack and saving you and your mate $240 altogether. At least the next time you search up Sydney Vape Wholesale they won’t sneak up on you asking for vapes again.

The big party is this weekend, and you want to make a good impression. We recommend the IGET Bar Plus Wholesale 60 Pack Bundle, enough to keep the party rocking but not enough to tear a hole in your wallet. Holding 60 packs of the IGET Plus, each is reduced to $18 from $28, saving you $10 a pop and $600 when the party is over. Vape Wholesale Australia has never been cheaper.

Alright big boy, you’ve watched some ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ TikTok’s on your phone and you’re ready to start a business or at least invest in one that is. The IGET Bar Plus Wholesale 120 Pack Bundle is the perfect place to start. Coming with a heavy 120 packs of the IGET 6000 at $15 each, saving your ‘business’ $13 a pack and $1,800 in total. This is how you get IGET bulk cheap, welcome to the big boy leagues

Mate if you’re looking at this it’s pretty evident that you’re a shop owner. I know you don’t have time to waste, because you probably have at least 5 customers waiting for you as you’re reading this. So let’s get straight into it! The IGET Bar Plus Wholesale 200 Pack Bundle is what you need, 200 packs of the Bar plus at $14 each. Find someone else selling IGET Wholesale Australia that cheap I dare you. From each pack you get to keep $14 to store in your till to give to your customers as change and $2,800 goes back to your pocket, that simple.

7 Benefits Before Purchasing IGET Bar Plus Wholesale

The moment that you have all been waiting for is here, affordable bulk vapes for sale delivered to your doorstep from the comfort of your home. Our completive prices for the IGET Bar Plus wholesale bundles means you are no longer dependant on your mates and tobacconists for your cheap vape fixes. Now you can order, buy and smoke all through one website, no middleman.

Without a doubt, here at Vape Shark Australia we know we offer the most affordable prices and that’s no joke. Check out our IGET Plus Wholesale starting from a cheeky $12 each. So why bother browsing through dodgy websites when you can ride the wave here and get your IGET vapes bulk cheap at Vape Shark Australia.

Got a busy weekend coming up? Don’t stress, here at Vape Shark, we have you sorted. Whether you’re buying a IGET Vape bulk bundle to secretly stash under your bed for yourself or grabbing a pack to pass around to the boys, no matter the occasion we deliver, literally to your door.

Whether you’re a know it all or a complete beginner, one thing is for certain, the flavour you choose means everything. So why risk it by ordering one? Instead try our mixed pack of Bar Plus flavours. Try them all and gain a true understanding of what’s good and what’s not.

As the #1 Vape Wholesale Shop in Australia and official IGET Vape partner, we take pride in offering our customers genuine service and authentic vapes. As vapers ourselves, we know the pain and difficulty endured by smokers on a daily basis when surfing through the web to find a legitimate IGET Vape online vape retailer that is affordable and reliable. Well, the search is over because at Vape Shark, you can buy and vape in confidence.

Still waiting on that package you ordered from that shady website? Mate it’s time to let go and move on. To Vape Shark Australia that is, over here we don’t keep you waiting, our express shipping means your IGET 6000 Wholesale bundle  we will zip your order to you quicker than a kangaroo hyped up on caffeine.

So, you’re willing bulk at the gym, but an IGET Bar Plus bulk is too much. Don’t be silly, here at Vape Shark our Bar Plus bulk buy prices are so affordable it would be crazy to settle for one. So instead of hopping on the ‘juice’, hop on these amazing deals instead.

IGET 6000 Wholesale Bundle Review

The IGET Plus has been crowned the ‘vaping phenomenon’ by the public. The new line from IGET has been sending vapers crazy with its innovative features and high puff count. So, its only right that conduct a detailed breakdown and review on the product explaining my experience, opinion and overall rating.

At first glance, I wasn’t sure if the IGET 6000 puff would dethrone its older brother, the IGET Bar 3500 puff. However, when I took my first puff, I was taken by surprise. It had a rich flavour that most rechargeable vapes lack. It produced a thick cloud of vapour manged to cover my face and cloud my vision.

The IGET Plus acted the same as every other IGET vape, until I came across the pod feature. This instantly shifted my perspective, making me feel as if I was smoking a manually set-up rig, just without the messy refills and constant maintenance

The cylinder-shaped stainless-steel frame and the vibrant visuals of the Bar plus created artsy aesthetic, something you can look at in-between your puffs. The shape and material allowed me to gain a tighter grip than usual, providing a comfortable hand placement. But personally, I found the curved duckbill mouthpiece to be an underrated feature as it sat perfectly on my lips.

In all honesty, I expected more Bar Plus flavours as there were only 13 released. Although, majority tasted good and some as I expected. One in particular caught my attention as well as everyone else’s, that being the Blueberry Raspberry Bubblegum. It carried a rich blend of classic berry-on-berry fusion with a subtle hint of bubble-gum.

There were very few downsides to the Bar Plus vape, the main ones being a limited flavour range and it being rechargeable, but besides that I didn’t face any negative aspects when smoking it, as it lasted hours without needing carge.

All in all, the IGET Plus is an all-rounded vape suitable for any type of vaper. For me, it is the ideal choice for those who seek a vape with a more engaging experience without the mess of manually set up rig.


All IGET Boxes come with 10 packs of the Bar Plus. Meaning, if you want to buy bulk IGET Bar Plus and select a 30-pack bundle, you’d receive 3 boxes of the IGET Plus. This applies to all other IGET products.

An important note to remember, all orders above or equal to 60 pieces will automatically receive standard postage as the amount itself poses a battery threat in which Australia Post does not dismiss. To receive Sydney express shipping and Perth same-day dispatch, make sure to order an amount under 60 pieces before 2pm EAST.

To score a cheeky bargain and get yourself cheap bulk disposable vapes, just simply forward us an email about disposable vape wholesale as well as the quantity of your order, to which we will respond in the quickest time possible.

IGET Bar Plus Wholesale Perth widely known for its distance from current civilisation, is quite ahead in the vape game. The faraway city is lively with vibrant colours of IGET Bars and Bar Plus’s.

IGET Bar Plus Wholesale Sydney where the bags are white and hotels are the most packed. This city is lit with cheap bulk disposable vapes Australia. The residents have excellent taste in their vape choices.

IGET Bar Plus Wholesale Melbourne, the city that doesn’t sleep. We all know the nightlife there is like other, much like the new Bar Plus that they are going crazy for down there.

IGET Bar Plus Wholesale Brisbane is the home for footy and overpriced vapes. Don’t rip yourself off, visit Vape Shark and get deals on cheap bulk disposable vapes Australia.

Of course, you can, it’s your bundle. Here at Vape Shark we understand that flexibility and individuality is key when purchasing vapes, especially in bulk quantities. Indulge in the IGET Bar Plus flavours and shop with peace of mind that you have full control on your bundles.