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Waka Vape Australia

Check out the new Waka Smash 6000 puffs from Relx Technology, available now at Vape Shark Australia. With a sleek and ergonomic design, maintain a lightweight and compact build. Making it portable, pocket friendly and comfortable to hold. This rechargeable vape packs a powerful punch with 6000 puffs per device. Plus, take advantage of our discounts and promotions on popular products like the IGET Bar and IGET Legend, with free express shipping on orders over $150 and free IGET XXL with wholesale or bulk bundle purchases.


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Waka Vape 6000 Puffs Australia

Waka Vape Australia

Waka Vape Australia is the new premium rechargeable 6000-puff disposable vape powered by the innovative team from Relx tech. Offering smokers 12 distinguished flavours to choose from all starting from $20 AUD. Your best vaping gear and deals only at Vape Shark Australia, remember to claim your free express shipping.

An aspect of the Waka Vape Australia that sticks out is its flawless 9-layer FlavourLock Tech which ensures that each puff you take tastes like the first even on your very last, preventing gradual flavour loss and burnt hits. No maintenance and no refills mean no stress. The rechargeable, in-built battery pushes out a shocking 6000 puffs, meaning you pay fewer visits to your local vape stores and make less purchases online. Ranging from 12 unique flavours, all offering tastes from various parts of the world, you will be lost in the brilliance of the Waka vape. You can grab the Waka vape today starting at $20-$30 from Vape Shark Australia, what are you waiting for, try one now.

Waka Vape 6000 Puffs Bulk

Within the Waka Vape Australia Bulk Bundle you receive 10 packs of the Waka vape. You can choose flavours for each one. Each individual pack will be discounted to $25, saving you $5 on each and $50 altogether. Grab yourself a huge deal.

Waka Vape 6000 Puffs Wholesale​​

In the Waka Vape Wholesale Bundle contains 30 packs, meaning you stocked up for months. Each individual pack is priced at $20, saving you $10 on each and a jaw dropping $300 as a whole. Enough to buy yourself bulk bundle.

Waka Vape Australia Features

The Waka rechargeable vape cuts down on charge time as it only takes 30 minutes to recharge 80% of its battery life and produces a long battery-life when fully charged. The in-built battery is reinforced with an OVP layer, making it secure and time efficient. Allowing the Waka Vape Australia to fit into the busiest of lifestyles.

The Waka vape Australia has developed innovative technology through the help of the advanced Relx team. Composing the 9-layer FlavourLock Tech, this ensures that your last puff has the same fresh taste as your first puff. Meaning no more gradual flavour loss or burnt hits.

The Waka vape price often is in the higher range at other online disposable vape retailers as it’s a newly released vape. But here at Vape Shark Australia, we have the cheapest price guarantee, and we intend to keep it. That’s why we have the Waka vape price ranging from $20-$30 when various retailers are charging anywhere between $40-$50. To reiterate our care for customer service and satisfaction, we also do price matches for anyone that can manage to find a cheaper price than ours.

We’ve all been there, you are on a budget but you desperately need a vape. Well, Waka vape Australia is what you are looking for. What sets the Waka Smash 6000 puffs apart from your ordinary disposable vape is its 9-layer FlavourLock technology, puff count, and its lightning-fast charge time, whilst being cost-effective, meaning you get your money’s worth.

As of now, the Waka vape official website is still in the works with the Relx team. Due to this, we are the only website authorised to distribute and sell the Waka smash vape in Australia. Working closely with the genius Relx team has allowed us to give our customers a first-hand look and experience at their product. This means we can sell it at a less inflated price as we are supplied directly from Relx, rather than private third parties who charge double the price.

The Wake vape Brisbane has become a new popular and trending hashtag in Brisbane upon the Waka smash vape’s rise in popularity. Due to this, there has been a demand for the Waka smash vape to be stocked in Brisbane Disposable Vape Shops. For all your vape needs shop at Vape Shark Australia for the cheapest prices and the newest products such as the Waka smash vape. Don’t wait until it’s too late, shop now.

Waka Vape Australia Review

For the Waka smash 6000 puffs, Relx has left barely any room for error. The build quality is set to a new standard with its strong sturdy build, whilst being light and compact which is important to me as I constantly drop my vapes for some reason. Through my experience, the flavour and puff accuracy was better than I originally anticipated. Each flavour is packed with vibrant taste and delicious vapours, living up to their names. The puff count did not fail to meet its advertised limit, producing 6000 and then some, which took me months to finish. An aspect that usually gets the best of me with other disposable vapes is their nicotine strength, can never seem to get it right. However, I found that the Waka found a great balance between strength and flavour through their 5% nicotine content. Allowed me to smoke for hours without getting nauseous or dizzy. The vapour production was nothing too impressive, producing the expected amount with each exhale, although deep puffs did produce thick white clouds. One part of the Waka smash vape that I found underwhelming was its flavour range, due to its limited 21 flavours options, I found myself smoking the same flavours more often than not. Although, it is a newly released product so I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume there is more on the way.

Waka Vape Australia FAQ

The Waka Vape Australia is pre-filled and its nicotine level sits at an ideal position, offering users a sufficient 5% of nicotine. Enough for you to enjoy but not enough to give you head spins and harsh throat hits. Meaning you can sit down and smoke endlessly for hours without migraines or dizziness.

The Waka rechargeable vape uses a type-c charger. So if you do not possess one you must purchase one, if you have a type-c charger simply plug it into a charger head (which should already be plugged into an adaptor port) then proceed to connect the charger to its designated spot found on the bottom of the Waka vape 6000. Once it is plugged in, allow it to charge for at least 30 mins before usage, this way it can attain sufficient battery and prevent any overuse or fault to the device.

When smoking the Waka smash vape, you put your trust in the Relx team to ensure optimal safety in each one of their products. The Waka Vape Australia reinforced by its renowned 4-Gate safety controls. With this safety feature, it means you can vape with peace of mind knowing that the Relx team has conducted 23 standard battery endurance and longevity tests, 15 standard of e-liquid quality tests and a AFNOR standard emission transmission test. Making the Waka smash vape CE-qualified.

If you are intrigued by the Waka smash vape yet are unaware of where to look, you can try finding them at your local service station or tobacconist. Although it is unlikely that they will be available as the Waka vape newly released exclusive product. Why bother trying your luck and wasting your time searching for it when we already have it here at Vape Shark Australia. Coming in all 12 flavours, we have endless stock to supply your late-night nicotine cravings. Not to mention we have unbeatable prices with the Waka vape starting at only $20-$30.

The Waka vape Australia pushes out a whopping 6000 puffs with consistent flavour through each puff. Whether its your first hit or your last, each one will taste the same, not to mention that it only takes 35 minutes to regain 80% of its battery life.

The mastermind Relx Waka vape can easily last up to a week or two if not more, that’s including consistent puff time and constant recharges. For those that are more easy-going with their disposables, you can expect it to be your side for a month.

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