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IGET XXL Wholesale 30 Packs


There is no such thing as overcompensating when it comes to disposable vaping. Introducing the IGET XXL wholesale bundle. We completely understand your reasoning behind this purchase, you have friends who will take your vape. Well, luckily with the IGET XXL wholesale Australia, there is more than enough for everyone.


IGET XXL Wholesale 30 Packs

Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $240.00.

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IGET XXL Australia Product's Specification

Product Brand


Product Model

IGET XXL Vape Australia

Product Retail Price

20 AUD Each

Product Wholesale Price

13 AUD Each

Product Bulk Price

17 AUD Each

Puffs Number


Battery Capacity

950 mAh


7 mL




34 Options

Coil Resistance Value

1.6 Ohm


45g Per Pack (Including Package) 



Built Material


Bundle Deals

IGET XXL 1800 PUFF Product Description

The XXL vape features a vibrant appearance reflecting each flavour through its distinct colours, making it a significant eye-catcher. The small and compact size of the XXL allows you to slip the device effortlessly into your pocket or bag/purse. The portable aspect of the device is ideal for those that are always on the move that require a seamless device that they can take with them.

The XXL 1800 puffs is built out of a durable and reflective aluminium that circular frame. The material used gives a much-needed density, weighing it to 45g. It allows you to attain firm grip on the device due to its circular shape and dense build. Preventing chance of accidental drops or damage. It comes a flat, duckbill shaped mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is built to perfectly perch on top of your lips, producing the ultimate comfort whilst vaping.

The IGET XXL disposable vape makes efficient use of its 7mL’s of e-juice by composing the most invigorating vapour experience through the immense flavour accuracy. Each flavour produces a unique taste true to its name. Allowing you to enjoy the flavour you bought and preventing false advertised flavours that taste nothing like their description.

The IGET XXL vapes’ compact build does seem to affect its performance as its inbuilt 950mAH battery pushes out an impressive 1800 puffs. Occasionally exceeding that and providing a few extra puffs before its final moments. The XXL has outstanding performance and puff accuracy for its smaller size. Allowing smokers to really enjoy its maximum potential with one.

The IGET XXL vape contains intricate internal components which utilises a synergistic system to efficiently spread, distribute and burn the e-liquid. The mesh coil evaporates the e-juice at a more controlled,  temperature and speed. Producing vapour with high volume as well dense viscosity. Allowing you produce push out smoke big ass clouds.

To reiterate how well rounded the IGET Bar Australia is, we will compare it to the Gunnpod Meta. The Gunnpod Meta is a 4000-puff rechargeable vape. When in comparison to the IGET Bar in regard to puff accuracy, the Bar outperforms the Meta as the Meta occasionally does not reach its puff count. The Gunnpod Meta is rechargeable, meaning it must be charged when it dies, whereas the Bar can be used consistently all the way up until its lats puff.

IGET XXL Wholesale Bundle


What’s include in the IGET XXL Wholesale bundles?

Once the bundle is bought, you will be spoilt with 30 individual pieces, making a total of 3 boxes. Supplying you with a stockpile enough to last for months to come. With this, you can individually select each of your preferred flavours.


What’s the benefit of buying IGET XXL Vapes in Wholesale?

  • Saving Money: The main advantage you gain from investing in the bundle is that you save $7 on each XXL. Now when that is times by 30, you save a total of $210 which you get spend on whatever you like, most likely more disposable vapes.
  • Saving Time : Given that you are buying 30 pieces of the IGET XXL Vapes, you will not run out for months. You may as well as give for your best friends (incase you have any). Allowing smoke stress free with the tastes of decadent fruits and beverages.
  • Pick Up Your Best IGET XXL Flavours: You also possess the ability to mix and match the flavours of your IGET XXL 1800 puffs within the wholesale bundle, giving you that extra bit of flexibility here at Vape Shark.


Is there any free shipping on the IGET XXL Disposable Vape wholesale bundle?

Yes, at Vape Shark we have set a $150 threshold, if achieved. You are rewarded with complimentary express shipping on your order. We ship Australia wide, places such as Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and so on would typically receive their package within 2-3 days


Can I mix the flavours for IGET 1800 Puffs Wholesale Bundle?

When the IGET XXL wholesale bundle Australia is bought. You customise the flavour arrangement you desire, giving you the ability to cater the order to your specific liking. Meaning no disliked flavours in your rotation, just flavourful bliss all year round


What if I purchase Fake IGET?

You should know, when shopping at Vape Shark Australia, you will never have to worry about this issue. As we get our stock directly from IGET themselves. Due to our partnership, we receive stock through them and other legitimate as well as trusted sources.


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