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IGET Goat Bulk 10 Packs


Get the best value for your money with the IGET GOAT bulk bundle. Saving up to $50 and enjoy the benefits of bulk buying with free express shipping to all the major cities in Australia. Now, it’s the time to upgrade your vaping experience with this unbeatable offer.


IGET Goat Bulk 10 Packs


Choose Minimum 10 Units From The Bundle List Total Saving 50 AUD

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IGET Goat Australia Product's Specification

Product Brand


Product Model

IGET Goat Vape Australia

Product Retail Price

33 AUD Each

Product Wholesale Price

23 AUD Each

Product Bulk Price

28 AUD Each

Puffs Number


Battery Capacity

1800 mAh

E-juice Capacity

13 mL

Nicotine Strength


Flavour Options

13 Flavours

Coil Resistance Value

1.4 Ohm


65g Per Pack (Including Package) 



Built Material


$28 Per Pack

IGET Goat Australia Lowest Price Guarantee 

$23 Per Pack

Cheap IGET Goat

IGET Goat 5000 Puffs Product Description

The IGET Goat 5000 puffs does everything bigger, literally. Its sheer size alone when compared to previous models makes the Goat look goliath. But this is due the Goats intricate internal build and components. Its full black design, tall and square frame, and visible tank is reminiscent of the IGET King.

The Goat has a plastic matte finish, sitting comfortably in your grasp. All whilst without leaving a fingerprint, leaving your goat looking brand new. The mouthpiece curves into a flat duckbill shape, allowing your lips attain optimal positioning when taking a puff.

The IGET Goat Australia depicts its flavours through its taste as so, this is achieved through its effective use of a mesh coil. The bigger size of the goat poses an advantage as it produces a thicker vapour and a more accurate tasting flavour.

The complex build of the IGET Goat disposable vape paired with its 13mL of e-juice and 1800mAH means you are most definitely going to reach your puff count. Holding the largest e-liquid tank, e-liquid and in-built battery that IGET has ever incorporated into a device before reassures smokers 5000 puffs is more than achievable.

This is one category that the IGET Goat did not exaggerate, as it would directly affect the user. The Goat holds 5% of nicotine, establishing a tolerable yet an enjoyable experience whilst smoking the mammoth sized vape.

The sheer viscosity of the vapour that the IGET Goat 5000 is breath taking, literally. Throughout its 5000-puff count, each exhale will seem like the very first. To the extent where we’d recommend smoking far from a smoke detector.

If you are fond of the IGET King then we’d thoroughly recommend trying the IGET Goat as its simply a bigger version of it. Doubling the puff count as well including new features such as an LED ring light indicator and adjustable airflow, it is a larger, newer, and more improved older brother of the King.

IGET Goat Bulk Bundle


What’s inside the IGET Goat Australia Bulk bundle?

The IGET Goat bulk bundle Australia is a box of IGET Goat’s which contains a total of 10 pieces in any flavours of your choice, allowing you to indulge in the brilliance of your favourite flavours for months.


Advantage of  buying  IGET Goat bulk quantity?

  • Cost-Effective: It goes without saying but when you buy the IGET Goat bulk bundle, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The retail price for Goat is $33, whereas the bulk price is $28 each. Letting you keep $50 in your pocket for later. You get to have the luxury of saving a significant amount of money when shopping for things you enjoy.
  • Time-Effective: You smoke, stress free. Knowing your stocked up on your favourite flavour, meaning you smoke for months without the thought of having to buy another one.
  • Pick Up Your Favourite Flavours Option: When the IGET Goat bulk bundle is bought, you can choose an arrangement of flavours completely based upon your desired preference, allowing you to choose 10 different flavours. As your satisfaction as customer is our top priority here at Vape Shark Australia.


Am I eligible for free express shipping for the IGET Goat 3500 bundle?

We spoil our customers with free express shipping when they spend over $150. Getting their desired Goats to them within a matter of days. Regardless of if you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and so on. It will be at your door within 2-3 days


Am I able to choose IGET Goat flavours from the bundle list?

You can, each Bulk bundle can come in 10 separate flavours. If you are an adventurous vaper, you will admire the freedom and variety of the IGET Goat bulk bundle. We recommend you to purchase you Goats in the bundle, as they are a rare disposable vape, making them heavily sought for.


What to do if I purchase Fake IGET Goats?

We assure you, when shopping with us you will not run into this problem as our stock is supplied directly from IGET due to our partnership, giving us the ability to bestow our customers with the latest and most innovative products. If you still require convincing, buy one for yourself and use the QR code on the back to authenticate the product.


Can I get a more cheaper price than the IGET Goat vape bulk bundle?

If the price is not enticing enough, we also have a wholesale bundle that may intrigue you. Coming with 3 boxes which is 30 pieces in total. Each Goats price is reduced even further to $23 each. Saving you $10 on each piece and a total of $300. With the wholesale bundle you can choose any flavour as each box comes with ten pieces, allowing you to have a wide variety.


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