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Gunnpod Wave 3500 Puffs 10 Pack (Random Flavours)


Welcome to the world of Gunnpod Wave 3500 Puffs, your go-to choice for an unmatched vaping experience at an unbeatable price! Are you tired of overspending on vapes like the IGET Bar 3500 Puffs? Gunnpod Australia has heard your call. With the Gunnpod Wave 3500 Puffs, not only do you get incredible value, but you also dive into a world of variety without the hassle. Imagine a bundle of 10 packs, each brimming with random, tantalising flavors, delivered straight to your door. That’s the Gunnpod Wave 3500 Puffs for you – no more tedious picking and choosing, just a simple click and you have a treasure trove of flavours awaiting you. And the best part? This entire bundle costs just $100, a fraction of what you’d pay for other brands. Visit Vape Shark Australia now, and embark on a flavourful journey with Gunnpod Wave 3500 Puffs. Are you ready to experience the ultimate in vaping without breaking the bank? Stay tuned for more – there’s a world of flavours waiting to be explored!


Gunnpod Wave 3500 Puffs 10 Pack (Random Flavours)

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Gunnpod Wave Australia Product's Specification

Product Brand

Gunnpod Vape Australia

Product Model

Gunnpod Wave 3500 Puffs Australia

Product Retail Price

10 AUD Each

Product Wholesale Price

No Available 

Product Bulk Price

No Available 

Puffs Number


Battery Capacity

1250 mAh


12 mL

Nicotine Strength



13 Flavours

Coil Resistance Value

1.6 Ohm


95g Per Pack (Including Package) 



Built Material


Sales promotion

Gunnpod Wave 3500 Puff Product's Description

The Gunnpod Wave boasts a unique ice-cream cone shape, making it a standout choice for vapers. It’s notably lightweight, especially when compared to the IGET Bar, ensuring easy portability and handling.

Engineered with a cutting-edge Mesh Coil and an adjustable airflow system, the Gunnpod Wave is designed to deliver a consistently smooth vaping experience.

The flavours in the Gunnpod Wave are crafted to be precise and enjoyable, offering a delightful taste that isn’t overly sweet. While the range of flavours in the Gunnpod Wave collection is limited, each one has been selected to cater to a broad spectrum of preferences.

Each Gunnpod Wave offers an impressive 3500 puffs at just $10 each, marking it as a highly cost-effective option in the vaping market. At just $10 per unit, the Gunnpod Wave stands as the most affordable option for a 3500 puff vape on the market.

Experience a smooth nicotine hit with the Gunnpod Wave. Its balanced formulation ensures a satisfying experience without the harshness that can lead to coughing.

The IGET Bar is a cloud chasers dream. With 12mL of e-juice and a 1500mAH battery, the Bar pushes out clouds that would cause turbulence for the nearest airplane. With a vapour production of similar to a smoke machine jammed into a small compact disposable vape that fits into your pocket, it makes sense why most competitive vapers choose the Bar.

The Gunnpod Wave is an excellent choice for vapers who value design, functionality, and affordability. With its unique appearance, efficient internal build, and satisfying vape experience, it’s a top contender in its category, offering value that’s hard to beat.

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