Gunnpod Meta Wholesale 30 Packs


The Gunnpod Meta wholesale bundle is the pinnacle of a long-lasting vapour experience. Since its rechargeable, the e-liquid will finish before the battery, allowing you enjoy the very last drop of your Meta, getting your money’s worth.


Gunnpod Meta Wholesale 30 Packs

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Gunnpod Meta Product's Specification

Product Brand

Gunnpod Vape

Product Model

Gunnpod Meta Australia

Product Retail Price

30 AUD Each

Product Wholesale Price

20 AUD Each

Product Bulk Price

25 AUD Each

Puffs Number


Battery Capacity

1500 mAh


10 mL




16 Options

Coil Resistance Value

1.4 Ohm


105g Per Pack (Including Package) 



Built Material


Bundle Deals

Gunnpod Meta 4000 PUFF Product Description

The Gunnpod Meta, much like the Gunnpod 2000 uses a vibrant, gradient colour scheme for each of its flavours, allowing you to memorise each flavour just off its colour. The size and shape are indistinguishable from the IGET Bar, just smaller and wider in comparison to the Bar. Yet, it still manages to fit into any crevice you put it in, whether it’s your briefcase, purse, bag, or your pockets.

Once again, the material used for the Gunnpod 2000, is utilised for the Meta as well, a smooth rubber finish. Creating a firm grip between the device and the crevice of your palm. The mouthpiece imitates a straw, the circular soft sided piece allows your lips to naturally engulf around it.

Each of the Gunnpod Meta 4000 flavours offers something different from the last. Exceeding expectations with the use exotic beverages and unique fruit combinations. The flavours taste like what you initially imagined, with a surprise note in each one.

Given that the Gunnpod Meta disposable vape is rechargeable, you are bound to reach the 4000-puff limit. To the extent where, the 10mL of e-juice will finish before the battery, allowing you smoke and enjoy the very last drop of e-liquid left inside. It will have you covered till your next purchase with ease.

The Gunnpod Meta 4000 puffs lacks room for weak vapour production. The rechargeable battery allows you to produce clouds of smoke as if it was the first puff of brand new vape. Making each inhale and exhale feal like it was the first one, when it starts to feel like it isn’t, just charge it and you have a brand-new Meta again.

The rechargeable aspect is an underrated feature of the Gunnpod Meta, until put in comparison to a vape like the Gunnpod Wave. They both have great vapour production as well as flavour consistency. However, when it comes to life span and puff accuracy, the Wave significantly lacks as it does not reach its puff count, whereas the Meta surpasses it and occasionally runs with the absence of e-juice.

Gunnpod Meta Wholesale Bundle


What’s include in the Gunnpod Meta 4000 wholesale bundles?

When you purchase the Gunnpod Meta wholesale bundle, you receive 30 rechargeable Metas, totalling 3 whole boxes. Which will easily last for months to come. Relieving of the common stress of having to buy a new vape weekly. The bundle can chosen with any flavours.


What’s the benefit of buying wholesale quantity of Gunnpod Meta 4000?

  • Saving Money: The Gunnpod Meta wholesale bundle will save you $10 on each individual piece, when this is times by 30, it adds up to $300. You will not get this kind of discount anywhere else and that’s our promise.
  • Saving Time : Given that you are buying 30 pieces of the rechargeable Meta, you will not run out for months. Allowing smoke stress free with the tastes of decadent fruits and beverages
  • Pick Up Your Best Gunnpod Meta Flavours: Don’t be concerned, you have full control of your flavour variety and arrangement, allowing you to select the best and favourite flavours for you to indulge in.


Is there any free shipping on the Gunnpod Meta Vape wholesale bundle?

No there is not. As you are spending a significant amount already, it is only right if we give free express shipping to compliment your order. Any orders that exceed $150 is eligible for free express shipping. We ship to Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide and more.


Can I mix the flavours for Gunnpod Meta wholesale bundle?

Yes, you can, as you are buying a large quantity, we grant you the ability to choose individual flavours within your box, allowing you to fully customise your bulk bundle according to your preference. Prioritising your needs and desires as a customer.


What if I purchase Fake Gunnpod Metas?

Due to our close partnership with Gunnpod, we receive our stock from them directly, preventing any chance of fraud fake items. If you would like to authenticate the product yourself, just simply scan the QR code found on the back of the packaging.


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