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Vape Shark Australia: Premium Online Disposable Vape Shop In Australia

Disposable Vape Shop: Vape Shark Australia

I’m guessing you came across this blog by pure chance or curious to know who we are. Well, keep reading. We are Vape Shark Australia, your No.1 leading online disposable vape retailer. Here, we prioritise your satisfaction and seamless shopping experience with us, as we understand that your time and money is precious. That’s why we offer authentic products, complimentary items, extraordinary service and the ultimate convenient shopping experience as we strive to treat everyone as a valued customer.

At Vape Shark, we hold the best-selling brands as well as the most popular vaping kits. We hold a wide variety of disposable vapes as we stock majority of the IGET range, such as the Bars, Legends, King, Goats and XXL. If that doesn’t spark your interest, we also offer the Gunnpod 2000, Meta, HQD Box and the Elf Bar.

By all means, I’m not trying to entice you to shop with us. Although, it would be shame to waste your time and money anywhere else as no one can match our cheap disposable vapes in Australia, especially when it comes to our disposable vape wholesale and bulk bundles which allows you to mix and match any of the best flavours that you desire. Not to mention, here at Vape Shark Australia, you are spoiled with free express shipping on orders that exceed $150.


Brand We Supply

iget bar 3500 puffs

IGET Bar 3500 Puffs Disposable Vape

I’m sure everyone has tried or at least heard about the infamous IGET Bar. If not, you are missing out, as it is a 3500-puff disposable vape with 12mL of e-juice and an impressive in-built 1500 mAH battery. One shining feature that makes it outperform other disposable vapes is its puff accuracy. Occasionally surpassing its puff count and producing a little extra for your enjoyment. This is the ideal vape for those who seek a long-lasting vape that they don’t need to constantly change, buy, or throw out.

iget legend 4000 puffs

IGET Legend 4000 Puffs Disposable Vape

On its initial release, the 4000-puff IGET Legend shook the vaping industry with its state-of-the-art vaping hardware and appealing design. Although this wasn’t the reason for its popularity, it was its immense flavour production and flavour accuracy that established its strong reputation. The incredible tasting flavours are what intrigued the flavour-chasing community to the Legend, setting it as their go-to disposable vape of choice.

iget goat 5000 puffs

IGET Goat 5000 Puffs Disposable Vape

The IGET Goat was causing shock waves through the vaping community months before its release, causing high anticipation and expectations. The 5000-puff monster, I mean Goat, comes packed with a 1800mAH battery, which is the largest to be used in any IGET disposable vape as well as 13mL of e-liquid. This is a mammoth of a device, but the feature that’s most notable is the adjustable airflow. Making it ideal for smokers that desire a mellow and soothing vapour experience.

iget king 2600 puffs

IGET King 2600 Puffs Disposable Vape

The IGET King is one of the most persistently sought nicotine vapes in Australia due to its intense flavour production as well as its menthol and nicotine depth, composing flavours that dance on your tongue. With this said, the 2600 puff vaporizer contains a 1400mAh battery and a tasty 8.5mL of e-juice, all whilst maintaining user-friendliness, preventing the exaggerated use of nicotine and harsh throat hits. Creating the perfect balance of intensity and strength.


IGET XXL 1800 Puffs Disposable Vape

IGET XXL was the stepping stone for the majority of disposable vapes that are frequently sought now, as it paved the way through its quality and performance. The 1800 puff vape holds a 950mAH battery and a generous 7mL of e-juice, composing the most delicate of tastes. But the aspect of the XXL that had everyone hooked was its affordability. The lightweight and compact device had an afforable price range, allowing all types of smokers to enjoy it regardless of their financial situation.

Gunnpod 2000 Puffs

Gunnpod 2000 Puffs Disposable Vape

The Gunnpod 2000 is still recognised as one of Australia’s most popular and well-rounded vapes. The 2000 had the best-tasting flavours and implemented them flawlessly. The 2000 puff disposable vape comes with an impressive 1250mAH battery and 8mL of e-juice. All of this is meticulously placed into a small, lightweight, and compact device. The size was an aspect that was admired by all, allowing you to seamlessly slip it into your pocket or to throw it in your bag or purse, so versatile.

gunnpod meta 4000 puffs

Gunnpod Meta 4000 Puffs Disposable Vape

The Gunnpod Meta was a game-changer. Introducing a brand-new way of disposable vaping. The 4000-puff beast came with 10mL of e-liquid and a rechargeable battery as well as its own type-c charger, making things even more convenient. It has a long-lasting life span and type-c charges at lightning speed with only 45 minutes to attain a full battery. Making it an essential product for those who are always on the move or in a rush. Allowing them to enjoy an efficient battery-operated device without the hassle of consistent charging.

Service We Supply

Our goal is to provide and deliver a one-of-a-kind customer experience. Ensuring that each purchase with us is a quick and easy yet memorable exchange. Here at Vape Shark our end goal is as big as the great white shark. Your satisfaction and convenience are our priority, this tends to our goal to establish an online store transaction like no other.
Vape Shark AustraliaVape Shark Australia
Authentic Stock

At Vape Shark Australia, you can shop on our website stress-free of faulty products and fake stock. As we are authorised distributors for Gunnpod and IGET with a reputable platform and background. Whereas other disposable vape online retailers purchase their stock from unverified and untrusted sources, potentially advertising as well as selling fake products. When a product is bought from us, you can authenticate it using the QR code placed on the back of all genuine disposable vape packaging.

Unbeatable Price

In the table portrayed below, are reputable and trusted websites put in a comparison in terms of product pricing and variety:

Product Name/ Price in AUDVape Shark AustraliaIGET Vape AustraliaVape DFO Australia
IGET Bar$25$59.95$39.99
IGET Legend$25$64.95$49.99
IGET King$20$49.95N/A
IGET Goat$30$69.95N/A
IGET XXL$13$39.95$29.98
Gunnpod 2000$17N/A$33.99
Gunnpod Meta$20N/AN/A
Vape Shark Australia Price Comparison With Major Authentic Disposable Vape Distributor In Australia
Same-Day Dispatch

I’m sure we have endured the extensive pain of delayed shipping and long wait times. Well fortunately for you, just like the mighty great white shark, we work with optimal speed and efficiency, setting unparalleled customer service and satisfaction. We prioritise all orders that we receive like it’s our first, ensuring that all orders placed before 2 pm AEST receive a same-day dispatch.

Express Shipping

All major Australian cities listed below will receive their packages within 2-3 business days quicker than other rural areas and locations:

  • Disposables Vape Shop in Perth
  • Disposables Vape Shop in Sydney
  • Disposables Vape Shop in Melbourne
  • Disposables Vape Shop in Gold Coast
  • Disposables Vape Shop in Adelaide
  • Disposables Vape Shop in Brisbane
  • Disposables Vape Shop in Darwin
  • Disposables Vape Shop in Cairns
  • Disposables Vape Shop in Canberra
Secure Credit Card Payment

Unlike shady websites that take bank transfers and cash deposits, here at Vape Shark Australia, we utilise a secure credit card payment process to ensure your order will shipped to your hand and to prevent credit/debit card scams.

Wide- Range Of Stock And Flavours

Vape enthusiasts that have been endlessly searching the internet have to look no further. Because at Vape Shark Australia, we hold a comprehensive line of vapour products for you to indulge in. We constantly stock the best-tasting flavours for our customers to spoil themselves with. Best part is you can rest assured we have what you need in stock. From your desired vaping kits or just cheap disposable vapes. Regardless, we have you covered.

Wholesale And Bulk Option

When it comes to buying vapes, it can become hassle as well as a financial burden if done often. That’s why here at Vape Shark Australia, we have come up with a solution that will save you time and money. Introducing the bulk and wholesale bundles. These bundles allow you to save a significant amount of money, as each bundle offers the cheapest disposable vapes in Australia. The price of each individual stig reduced from its retail price. The more you buy, the cheaper it is, simple. The distinction between wholesale and bulk bundle is that wholesale contains more pieces yet drops each individual price lower. Whereas the bulk has less pieces but is cheaper. Not to mention that each bundles allows you to concoct your arrangement of flavours to cater your preference. This meaning you can stop searching on google “where are the nearest disposable vapes near me” every time you need to buy one. That’s why the shark is the number one predator, because we do not stop hunting.



With all aspects considered, we’re certain that the service we provide and the products we offer is sufficient evidence to prove that we are Australia’s number 1 leading online vape retailer. As we take our reputation seriously, that’s why for customers who show their gratitude towards us through generous orders, we reciprocate it with complimentary items and express shipping, establishing the one-of-a-kind Vape Shark Australia premium online shopping experience. Whether it’s our exclusive wholesale and bulk bundles allowing you to select the arrangement of flavours you desire, or our dirt-cheap prices, we will always find a way to satisfy our customers, provide remarkable customer service and remain the top predator in the vape industry. Because just like the mighty shark, when we pose, we pose a threat.

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