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IGET legend Review:5 Facts That Make IGET Legend An Ideal Vape

What Makes IGET Legend An Incredibly Attractive Vape?

Refilling a vape over and over can kill the pleasure of puffing your vape. A vape that lasts for days and you can puff thousands of times, would be an ideal one.

Well, the vape market is filled with stupid and ridiculous vapes. These vapes neither taste good nor do they last long. That’s why the IGET legend has been introduced to rule the market.

IGET legend for sale is available on Australia online shop. It’s a remarkable vape with some modern and unique attributes. With 4000 puffs and IGET legend wholesale price, this vape has proved itself to be an excellent one.

1) Enjoy Whopping 4000 Puffs

Gone are the days when you had to replace your e-juice cartridge twice a day. Now, IGET Legend has a giant tank that holds 12 ml of e-juice. Moreover, the vape has a powerful 1350 mAH battery. Therefore, you can enjoy this disposable vape for days without any interruptions.

IGET Legend is designed by experts. Our popular Australia Vape Supplier knows that you want to puff continuously. Hence, with this vape, you can enjoy 4000 puffs. The vape also enables you to enjoy long puffs. In other words, you may experience more than one puff at one go.

2) Over 20 Captivating Flavours

Without intense flavors, your vaping experience won’t be memorable. You want to taste the flavor and you want to have it lingering inside your mouth. Hence, IGET Legend comes with over 20 rich flavors.

Mint, Pineapple, coffee, Blueberry, Guava, Melon, Cola Lemon Soda, Pineapple Lime, Orange Melon Lemon, Mango Banana Ice, Blueberry Raspberry Grape Ice, Grape Orange, Aloe Mango Cantaloupe, and more new flavors.

IGET Legend and its flavors feel so rich because it has a superb heat retention coil. The ceramic coil of this vape helps the e-juice to burn evenly. As a result, you experience no ‘burnt taste’ and no harshness. Each puff will deliver you the same rich and intense flavor.

3) A Discreet, Simple, and Non-Slip Design

Vaping may not be welcomed everywhere. You may not want to show people that you vape. Hence, we have designed IGET Legend with great attention.

First of all, this vape has a simple and slim look. So, it looks like a pen or a stationery item. It would be impossible for a person to trace this black vape immediately. So, you can take it anywhere with you and you don’t have to hesitate.

We understand the importance of a non-slip grip. You may have dropped your vape several times and these small accidents may have damaged your lovely vape. So, we have used non-slip material when designing it. Its matte-finish body has got a good grip. Therefore, you don’t lose it easily.

4) High Strength and Higher Enjoyment

With 5% Nicotine strength, IGET Legend Australia is a bold and high strength vape. You may have experienced other vapes in the market. But this vape is a stronger one. For new smokers, this nicotine is really a high amount. So, if you truly want to enjoy a pro vape, then you should try this one. You would surely find it tantalizing.

5) Low Wholesale Price

The best part of this disposable vape is that its wholesale price is really low. The vape is available in 10 packs and 30 packs. Such a disposable vape with 4000 puffs is hard to find at that price level. But IGET legend wholesale price is a lucrative offer and you should not miss it. You can save hundreds of dollars if you buy its wholesale package.

Apart from the above features, IGET Legend has an LED ring. The ring indicates whether the vape is functioning or not. The vape with its mind-blowing flavors and great design, would be truly a treat for you.

Thick and rich fruit flavor is the brightest feature of this vape. It’s a disposable vape and you can puff 4000 times with this vape. It has a long battery life. So, you can vape without taking a break.

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