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Waka Vape Smash 6000 Puffs


Waka Vape Australia is the new premium rechargeable 6000 puff disposable vape powered by the innovative team from Relx tech. Offering smokers 12 distinguished flavours to choose from all staring from $20 AUD. Your best vaping gear and deals only at Vape Shark Australia, remember to claim your free express shipping.


5000 PUFFS






12 mL

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Waka Vape Smash 6000 Puffs​

Waka Vape Smash Features

  • Powered By Relx Vape: The Waka Smash 6000 puffs is an impressive product alone. But when you find out that it’s powered by the world renowned Relx Vape team, it makes it that much more impressive. Given that Relx is the no.1 vape manufacturing company, no wonder the Waka Vape is so good.


  • Insane 6000 Puffs: The Waka Smash 6000 puffs, you read that right, 6000 PUFFS! Has been tested countless times and yet it consistently produced 6000 puffs and occasionally over. Making it the largest puff disposable vape on the Australian market currently. Saving you the weekly trip down to the tobacconist.


  • Flavour-Lock Technology: The Waka Smash 6000 puffs 9-layer FlavourLock Tech ensures that you last puff has the same fresh taste as your first puff. Meaning no. more gradual flavour loss or burnt hits. Making you feel like you are smoking a new Waka vape every day.


  • 2nd-Generation Mech Coil Technology: The Waka Smash 6000 puffs utilises the advanced Relx technology. Incorporating a 2nd Generation Mesh Coil, using 6 layers of cotton to properly wick and moisturise your vape. Meaning, with each puff you get a juicer and more flavourful hit without sucking your lungs out. This being an ideal aspect for all flavour chasers, as you receive the best tasting flavour all the way though with each drag.


  • Type-C Lightning Recharge: The Waka Smash 6000 puffs is the ideal disposable vape for the busiest of people. As it only takes 35 minutes to recharge 80% of its battery life. The in-built battery is reinforced with an OVP layer, making it secure and time efficient. Allowing the Waka Vape Australia to fit into the busiest of lifestyles.

Waka Vape Smash FAQ

This can be different for each individual as we all have our preferences. Meaning one flavour cannot be the best, as different flavours cater to different needs and desires. Here are some of our suggestions to narrow things down:

  • Aloe Grape: The Waka Smash 6000 puffs Aloe Grape uses the rich taste of smooth aloe-vera and combines it with the subtle goodness of juicy grapes. Imitating a fresh blossoming garden in the time of spring.


  • Strawberry Grape: The Waka Smash 6000 puffs Strawberry Grape infuses the sweet delicacy of both ripe strawberries and juicy grapes to concoct the same feeling you get from sipping a strawberry daquiri in heat of the summertime.


  • Watermelon Chill: The Waka Smash 6000 puffs Watermelon Chill composes the chilling cold breeze of the cold winter through its brilliant use of sumptuous watermelon and underlying menthol. Producing a truly refreshing taste with each puff.

What sets the Waka Smash 6000 puffs apart from your ordinary disposable vape is its 9-layer FlavourLock technology, puff count, and its lighting fast charge time. Allowing no room for error making it much better than ‘good’.

The Waka vape Australia pushes out a whopping 6000 puffs with consistent flavour through each puff. Whether its your first hit or your last, each one will taste the same, not to mention that it only takes 35 minutes to regain 80% of its battery life.

The mastermind Relx vape can easily last up to a week or two if not more, that’s including consistent puff time and constant recharges. For those that are more easy-going with their disposables, you can expect it to be your side for a month.

It sure is. The Waka Vape Australia comes with a rechargeable 500mAH battery, fuelling your long late night vape sessions whilst you are studying or just out with friends.

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