IGET Legend Wholesale

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your favourite IGET Legend bulk vapes delivered to your door without any hassle. Then wonder no more! Here at Vape Shark Australia we offer IGET Legend wholesale Adelaide, as well as all other major cities. Meaning no matter where you live, you can have your vapes delivered right to you within 2-3 business days. So you can forget about the weekly trips down to your local overpriced tobacconist or servo. Because why leave the comfort of your own home when we offer free express shipping Australia wide on all IGET Legend bulk and IGET Legend wholesale orders. On this page you will find the exclusive Vape Shark bundles that we offer and features that come with them, allowing you to know what you are ordering before you spend your money. Have any questions for us, not to worry as we have FAQ section at the bottom page where we answer all your questions and put your mind at ease. So don’t waste time, have a look at our Vape wholesale Adelaide offers as well our other products and put your order in today!

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IGET Legend Wholesale

IGET Legend Bulk

5 Wholesale Bundle Options For Everyone's Need

The IGET Legend bulk pack is more for the simplistic and tame customers who wish to just enjoy the IGET Legend without thinking about business opportunities and revenue streams. The IGET Legend bulk Australia allows customers to maximise their individual user experience through cost-effective prices and flavour flexibility, we ensure to prioritise all types of customers equally regardless of size, see what I did there. Bulk disposable vapes Australia are currently everywhere on the online market. Although, at Vape Shark Australia, we offer you free express shipping and reduced prices. For instance, the set price of the Legend is $46 however with the IGET Legend bulk pack you save $5 on each one, dropping the price to $41 per vape and saving $5. Now throw in a complimentary vape and free express postage into the mix and you have yourself a deal no one can beat. So don’t waste time, order your IGET Legend bulk pack now.

Within the IGET Legend Vape Wholesale bundle, you receive IGET Legend 30 packs in flavours of your liking as you have full control of the flavour selection here at Vape Shark Australia. We find the IGET Legend vape wholesale bundle ideal for those who intend to share with friends, as there is enough to go around for everyone. Whether you are in the office or just at home, everyone you know would be able to enjoy the IGET Legend without the thought it running out. An inviting factor about this bundle is the price. The IGET Legend Wholesale Adelaide bundle has Legends priced at $29 each, saving you $6 individually and $180 altogether. Not to mention complimentary express shipping with your order.

The IGET Legend Wholesale Adelaide struggle is real as they know the difficulty of finding a reliable IGET supplier with substantial stock and all flavour options. That’s why IGET Legend 60 packs is immensely popular for the residents. This bundle is the most suitable for friends buying in large quantities within groups or companies that order to share with their team around the office. Whatever the reason, it is convenient. The pricing might take you by surprise as you can the IGET Legend vapes bulk cheap, especially when compared to the prices of other online vape retailers. The cost of each vape within IGET bundle is $16, meaning you save $9 on each and a massive $540 in total. With this price, even non-smokers will want to start vaping.

Now, this is going to be promising and safe business opportunity for young aspiring entrepreneurs. By purchasing the IGET Legend 120 packs you create a retail venture that you can only improve with time and effort. This IGET Legend 4000 bulk buy is a no-brainer for those looking to make extra cash in their spare time. Because you by buying in a wholesale quantity, you inevitably reduce the initial cost and save money, that’s business 101. To be exact, you receive $11 off on each pack, making the individual Legend cost price $14. Saving you a total sum of $1,320. So from a business-minded standpoint, it would be stupid to give up this opportunity, so don’t waste any more time, start shopping now.

If you are reading the details of this bundle, it must mean you are a business owner. The IGET Legend 200 packs is the final destination of the wholesale bundles. Meaning any potential IGET Legend bulk buy customers looking at this bundle have adequate funds to make a major investment. What makes the bundle set apart from other bundle, it’s only reserved for the VIPs. This bundle has the price of each pack set at $12 which saves you $13 on every Legend. Thus, leaving you room for a profit margin of $10 to $13, sounds like nothing now but when the sales start to accumulate I assure you it will establish a significant impact on your business. In total, your overall savings on this bundle come to $2,600. That is major revenue right there, do not waste your chance to seize opportunity, purchase the bundle and watch the money machines start to print.

7 Reasons Make you In Love With IGET Legend Wholesale

We are your destination for IGET Legend Vapes, where quality meets quantity at unbeatable wholesale prices. Bulk up on your favourite IGET Legend flavours right here in Australia and keep the vape clouds rolling.

When you’re a fan of the IGET Legend 4000, running out is not an option. That’s where our IGET Legend bulk purchase comes to the rescue. Whether you’re a retailer looking to satisfy your customers’ vaping needs or a vaping enthusiast who can’t get enough of the unique flavours, buying IGET Legend in bulk is your ticket to an endless vaping journey.

Step into a world of distinctive and tantalising tastes with the IGET Legends flavours. Every puff takes you on a sensory journey, whether it’s a tropical explosion of fruity goodness or a cool, icy sensation that leaves you refreshed and revitalised. The series is not just about delivering satisfying vape clouds; it’s about creating unforgettable experiences.

Open a box of magic with the IGET Legend box. It’s not just a box; it’s a treasure trove filled with a variety of vibrant I GET Legend vapes. As you unbox, the anticipation builds, leading to a delightful discovery of your chosen vape flavours.

Looking to save while savouring your favourite IGET Legends flavours? Choosing to buy IGET Legends bulk is not just a smart economic decision. It also means you’ll never have to worry about running out of your favourite vape at the wrong time.

With an IGET Legend at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, you’re all set to conquer the day, one puff at a time.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who’ve discovered the benefits of our IGET 3500 Puffs wholesale offerings. Stock up on quality vapes without breaking the bank, all while enjoying a diverse selection of IGET Legend flavours.

For the retailers, our wholesale program is a lucrative opportunity to meet your customers’ needs and keep your shelves stocked with high-quality, high-demand vapes.

With IGET Legend wholesale, your search for quality vapes at competitive prices ends here. Embark on an exciting vaping journey as you explore the array of IGET Legends flavours. Take advantage of our bulk offerings today and elevate your vaping experience to legendary status.


Within the vibrant city of Adelaide, the IGET Legend Adelaide is crowned the king of disposable vapes. Its popularity amongst locals and city-goers has led to a drastic increase in IGET Legend bulk buys as it has become a highly sought vape and the go-to for night time antics and endeavours.

Each IGET Legend Box carries 10 packs(units) of the IGET Legend. When ordering a IGET Legend Box you have the flexibility to select any flavour you desire, the choice is all yours. To find out more about the IGET Legend browse our wide variety and order one for yourself today.

At Vape Shark Australia, we’ve made it possible for every customer to join and enjoy the benefits of our rewards program, regardless of the size of your order. Therefore, orders of 30 units and below are eligible for reward points,.

Unfortunately, the complimentary express postage does not apply for the IGET Legend wholesale bundle as it comes with standard shipping. Although, for those who wish to receive their parcels quicker, express postage is applicable at an additional cost. So, before you checkout and pay, ensure you have enough in your cart to receive free express shipping.

Each IGET Legend bundle has different set price. The prices decrease in a gradual order. For instance, the base price of a single Legend is $25, as you alternate to the next bundle the price drops. Such as the 10-piece bulk bundle with $20, then the 30-piece wholesale bundle for $18, and then the 60-piece wholesale bundle with $16. Which is then followed by the 120-piece bundle with $14. Then finally the 200-piece bundle which stoops down to $12. Regardless of which bundle you choose you are guaranteed to save money.

Unfortunately, at Vape Shark Australia we do not have numbered instalment payment options. When shopping with us it is crucial you have the adequate funds required to carry out your order before proceeding with any transactions. So, ensure before moving forward with a purchase to check your banking app to check if you poses sufficient funds to initiate the payment process.

The lowest amount of units you must order to attain the IGET Legend wholesale pricing is 30 units. Anything lower is not eligible for the wholesale discount so ensure to review your order at the checkout and to top up your cart if not enough.

At this point in time, we Vape Shark Australia do not poses a physical store anywhere in Australia. Although we do have multiple fulfilment centres based in every major city around Australian. Meaning regardless of where you reside, whether its the country or the big city, our express postage will get your order to you within only a few business days. So why wait, try and see it for yourself.

The popularity of flavours varies often as vapers tend to experiment and discover new signature flavours. Although certain flavours do retain their hype as some remain safe routes for the non-adventurous. Nevertheless, here are the top 10 Vape Shark flavours:

  1. Passionfruit Melon Ice
  2. Peach Guava Strawberry Ice
  3. Watermelon Kiwi Pomegranate
  4. Passionfruit Watermelon Ice
  5. Peach Strawberry Ice
  6. Strawberry Watermelon
  7. Blueberry Raspberry Grape
  8. Raspberry Watermelon Lemon
  9. Blackberry Ice
  10. Passionfruit Grape Orange Ice

Just like the IGET Legend Wholesale bundle, we also offer IGET Bar Bulk Australia and IGET Bar Wholesale Australia. We ensure flexibility and variety for our customers, that’s why you will be happy to know that we stock all flavours for the IGET Bar wholesale and IGET Bar bulk buy. Whatever your preference may be, Legend, Bar, Goat or Hot, we have what you need, whenever you need it, wherever you need it.

Indeed, there is, if you seek to obtain more for a cheaper price, we present to you the mighty wholesale bundle, only for the biggest of sharks. It comes with 3-200 boxes of the IGET Legend, which adds up to 30-200 individual pieces in total. To compensate for the large quantity, we have reduced the price even further for you, dropping it from $20 to $12 each. You can also choose 30 separate flavours for you to indulge in, giving you the ability to experiment with all the wide range of the Legend.

  • Budget Saver: On each single IGET Legend, you save $8. Now times that by 30, yes if your maths calculation is correct which I doubt it is, the total you will be saving is jaw dropping $240.
  • Efficiency: What is the next most important thing after money, your time, obviously. Well, you will be glad to know, when you purchase the IGET Legend wholesale bundle you will save both money and time, saving those annoying errands and trips to your local tobacconist.
  • DIY Flavour Option: You also possess the ability to mix and match the flavours of your IGET Legends within wholesale bundle, giving you that extra bit of flexibility here at Vape Shark Australia.

Now with all that being said, it would be a shame if you couldn’t indulge in the wide flavour range of the spectacular IGET Legend. Fortunately, you can. You have freedom of choosing whichever flavours you like for your bundle. Making your experience at Vape Shark Australia that much better.

In the case of a fake IGET Legend, at Vape Shark Australia the chances of that occurring are impossible as we receive our products and stock directly from IGET. This being due our close partnership with them, allowing us to promote, advertise and sell their products. If you would like to put our word to the test, you can authenticate any product from our website using the QR code placed on the back of the packaging.

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