IGET Goat 5000 PUFFS

The all-new IGET Goat 5000 puffs is one of the most innovative pieces of technology in the disposable vape industry. Featuring an adjustable airflow dial at the bottom of the device, the Goat also pays homage to the IGET Legend and King. The first is the LED Ring light indicator aligned with an in-built 1800mAH battery, which lights up upon usage. As well as the second feature is the visible tank, it being see-through allows you to monitor your e-liquid level, a very convenient and intuitive aspect.


3500 PUFFS


1500 mAH




12 mL

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IGET GOAT 5000 Puffs

IGET GOAT Product Features

  • Largest Puff Count Ever Made: Are you getting fed up with buying disposable vapes that die nowhere near their puff count? Not to worry as the IGET Goat vape can be of help. Not only is it the newest from IGET’s range but also now the biggest, with a jaw-dropping 5000 puffs. You read that correctly, 5000 puffs without the need to recharge, all powered through an astonishing 1800mAH battery. This means no more inconveniences when you are with friends or whilst on the way to work.
  • Smooth Air-flow Design Technology: The IGET Goat Australia adapts an intricate design allowing it to produce a more refined and smooth airflow. This is achieved by its latest intuitive design paired along with IGET’s next generation technology. Putting it one step ahead of its competitors
  • Exclusive Product From IGET: Given that the IGET Goat 5000 is relatively new, it is still scarce, and it is already heavily sought. For this and other reasons, IGET has only made the Goat available to authorised distributors such as ourselves, as they also wanted to prevent fakes and faulty knockoffs to circulate in the market.
  • Hight-durability Coil Design (No burnt taste): With its incorporation of a mesh coil and intricate design, it establishes a burn-free process. Cultivating a parfait of flavour and aromatic smells in the air during your vapour experience.
  • Combination of IGET King and IGET Legend: For any past lovers of the IGET Legend and King then this is the new all-year-round disposable vape for you. Accompanying many similar features from previous models such as the see-through tank allowing you to monitor your usage, the full black discreet looking design, and even the LED Ring light on the bottom. The list goes on, but what gives it an edge? The newest next-generation IGET technology which was implemented. Making it scarce.
  • Largest E-liquid Compartment: The IGET Goats  does not disappoint as it overcompensates its users with an immense 13mL of e-juice, now having the largest puff amount and e-juice compartment. New to the game but it is already holding records.


That depends on what you like in your vape, whether you enjoy fruity mixes or the refreshing tastes of beverages. At the end of the day, it’s about personal preference and here at vape Shark Australia, we don’t believe a vape is truly yours until you find your signature flavour. Here are some we recommend:

  • Double Apple Lime – Being lost is one thing but, being trapped is much more severe. Well, with the taste of crisp tart green apples drenched in the zest of limes you will not be able to escape the mastery of the Double Apple Lime.
  • Aloe Grape– When you take a puff of the aloe grape IGET Goat, you will be transported to a Zen Garden. The ripe, juicy taste of grapes representing the shallow waters that surround you and the subtle tartness of aloe imitates the fresh sap of cherry blossom trees.
  • Fruit gummy– Its movie night but you have no snacks, not to worry because the fruit gummy IGET Goat will have you exploding with flavours of gummy worms and bears partying in your mouth.
  • Strawberry Kiwi– You want to try 5-star desserts but can’t afford them. The IGET Goat has you covered with Strawberry Kiwi. With your first puff, it immediately feels like a Michelin-star chef is shoving fresh strawberries into your mouth and as you are about to chew and swallow, he starts flinging slices of tart, ripe kiwis on top. Making a 5-star dessert in your mouth and topping it off with whipped cream.

The latest product to come out, the IGET Goat Australia has an unrivalled 5000 puffs, making it the largest in the IGET range as of now. Whenever you are out at your next dinner or social event you can enjoy your night stress-free knowing that your IGET Goats will accompany you longer than your last partner.

It can vary as different online retailers may charge different prices. Here at vape shark, prices start from $30-$40, not to mention our free express shipping on all orders above $150.

Well, the IGET Goat disposable vape itself isn’t. Although it has an adjustable airflow feature. Giving the smoker the ability to personally adjust and choose the desired level of airflow for an optimal vaping experience. Allowing you to focus on flavour and not the strength.

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