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IGET Bar Plus 6000 Puffs Refill Pod

Just like swimming, you wouldn’t venture out into waters that you aren’t familiar with just how you wouldn’t buy a vape that you know nothing about. Don’t worry, we won’t let you down, we have you covered on everything there is to know before you buy IGET Replacement pods. Need tips on vaping, no worries as we have a list of useful tips that will enhance your vapour experience. Want to find out more about the specifications, we have that covered in the product feature section. Still got questions, no stress! Scroll down to our FAQ page to get the answers you’re looking for. Don’t drown in the waves of doubt and hesitation, feel free to reach out to us via email if you any questions or enquires.


6000 PUFFS






16 mL

Bulk And Wholesale Bundle

IGET BAR Plus Refill Pod 6000 Puffs

What's IGET Bar Plus Refill Pod

Lost in the vast ocean of vape choices? Have a geez at the IGET Bar Plus Refill Pod. Acting as a disposable rechargeable vape that gives you the freedom of a manually set up rig. The IGET 6000 doesn’t require rocket science, all you need to get started is a Kit and a pod flavour of your choice, can’t decide? No problem, the IGET Pods are detachable and magnetic allowing you to carry multiple flavours that you can switch anytime and anywhere. No mess, no leaks, just uninterrupted vaping. Must be expensive, right? Mate if I were you I’d start pulling out my card right about now because it only starts from $11-$20, making it cheaper than the IGET Bar. Your wallet won’t have to suffer the price of ordering separate flavoured vapes anymore, the financial abuse is finally over.

IGET BAR Plus Pod Product Features

  • Switch & Save with IGET:Jump in the sea of savings with the IGET Bar Plus refill pods! Why settle for one when Vape Shark Australia gives lets you splash around with 13 IGET Bar Plus flavours. Indulge in the savings and flexibility the IGET pods have to offer, simply switch and puff any flavour whenever and wherever you want.
  • Mesh Coil Magic: Fed up with your burnt vape tasting like salt water, then get ready to feel effortless pull of the IGET Plus 6000 mesh coil. The reinforced mesh coil ensures your IGET Pod flavours e-liquid is evenly distributed and vaporised proportionately to produce rich and bold vapour. Dive headfirst into each exhale and experience the refined mesh coil magic.

  • Magnetic Seal: No Spills Down Under: All IGET Pods are equipped with magnetic lock-in systems, securing it to your Bar Plus without any leaks or spills. Say goodbye to messy refills and sticky vapes, because when your pod clicks, just like a Great Whites bite, its locked in.
  • One Pod, Many Adventures: Looking for adventure? One IGET Bar Plus refill pod can take you further than you think. Out of the 13 invigorating Bar Plus IGET flavours to choose from, one alone can accompany you on an expedition all around Australia and still be pushing out smoke by the time you end up at home. Regardless of the trip, location or duration, Vape Shark Australia has you sorted.

IGET BAR Plus Refill Pod Pros And Cons

Saving for something special, don’t worry the Bar Plus Vape is mindful of your budget. It allows vapers to save by letting them replace their IGET replacement pods rather than disposing of the device itself. Saving you dosh as well as time.

The Bar Plus IGET offers a more refined and innovative approach to MTL vaping as the IGET vape pods utilise a reinforced mesh coil and a magnetic lock-in fitment system. Composing deeply enriched flavours and preventing the occurrence of unexpected leaks and spills.

Need a vape to accompany your on-the-go lifestyle, then look no further as the IGET Bar Plus 6000 is an exceptional candidate. The IGET Bar Plus refill pods come slim and compact, making it light and pocket-friendly, ideal for vapers who are constantly moving. It flaunts capable vapour production at a smaller size without compromising flavour production.

Not everyone is a veteran vaper, as newcomers are abundant, whether they are ex-smokers or young adolescents. Regardless the IGET Plus 6000 flaunts a wide variety. As they could find the 13 IGET Bar Plus flavours overwhelming. This having a direct impact on their flavour selection.

Hypothetically speaking of course, given that the IGET bar plus refill pods are exclusive to the IGET 6000, if the device were to fault or face issues, the pods would inevitably fall redundant. As they only offer flavour versatility to its paired device. However, in saying that those who are IGET enthusiasts (which I’m sure most of you are) would still blindly purchase the IGET 6000 without any second guesses.

3 Reasons To Buy IGET Plus Refill Pod From US

Peer pressure? Maybe. You’re a nic addict that saw a new vape that needs their fix? Most likely. Regardless, it is wise to start tame, just how you would start in the kid pool before going to the deep end. This IGET starter pack is ideal for all vapers that are looking to buy bulk disposable vapes Australia, or that are simply yearning to try the IGET Bar pod flavours. With a mix of 10 IGET Bar Plus refill pod bulk and 1 Bar Plus Kit device for only $200, it is the perfect piece of bait to catch that late night nicotine cravings.

Forget a gym bulk, bulk up with the IGET Bar Plus refill pod wholesale bundle. Get ready to go low as our prices on each rep with our pods being as low as $11 each for the 200 pack, you can’t even do that many push-ups yet alone reps, so imagine how many vapes that is. It’s a bulk season for your wallet, so get your protein in and start crushing these bundles like they’re weights and buy wholesale vape Australia today.

Why bother swimming through the waters of other IGET vape online retailers when here at Vape Shark Australia not only do we have our Vape Shark guarantee, but we are also partners with the IGET official website which ensures all our products are sourced directly from the IGET factory. No middleman, no schemes, just fresh and authentic caught IGET Bar Plus Refill Pods at the lowest prices.

IGET BAR Plus Refill Pod Usage Tips

In the process of switching your IGET Bar Plus refill pod, ensure that is has been correctly inserted into the IGET Bar plus kit. To be sure, you will hear it magnetically lock into its designated position. Before usage make one final precautionary check.

A way to extend the longevity of your IGET 6000 vape is to consistently rotate between the 13 available IGET Bar plus flavours. By doing this, not only are you preserving the lifespan and flavour integrity of your pod, but you are also pro-longing the usage of each one, allowing you to maintain a fresh and exciting vapour routine.

Once your IGET Bar Plus refill pod is depleted, ensure to dispose appropriately. As lithium waste has a direct and significant contribution to environmental pollution. The packaging of your vape as well as local vape shops and recycling centres will have instructions on proper disposal methods and locations.

IGET BAR Plus Refill Pod FAQ

The team at Vape Shark Australia have put aside their pride and differences to compose an honest top 3 list of the IGET Bar Plus flavours. Although with that being said, it should be known that each IGET Bar Plus refill Pod has its own distinctive taste and aroma in comparison to previous IGET models. So, regardless of your choice you’re in for a treat. 

Blueberry Raspberry Bubblegum: The mixture of sweet, delicate blueberries with tart, ripe raspberries and sweet, sugar-filled bubble-gum concocts a truly intoxicating berry candy aroma that will leave your mouth watering.

Watermelon Mint: The fusion of luscious and juicy watermelon with lip numbing mint composes a sweet tantalising vapour that will chewing on air, the underlying menthol adds an extra kick on the exhale, like the mint wasn’t enough.

Grape: The grandmaster of all vape flavours, this classic take creates the taste of frozen grapes that have been blended together with the leaves of the rainforest. Establishing a sweet yet subtle zest on the exhale. 

Just like every other IGET model, the IGET replacement pod nicotine content is 5%. As nicotine moderation is vital to maintain flavour integrity and longevity. Excessive exposure can cause nicotine poisoning, so ensure to moderate your puffs and limit usage

Offering a vast variety of options, the IGET vape pods flaunts a generous 13 invigorating flavours to indulge in. The IGET Pod flavours caters to all preferences, providing vapers with a diverse selection to keep change in flavour palette’s persistent.

You’re at the right place. Here at Vape Shark Australia we prioritise customer experience and satisfaction. We understand individuality is key and that’s why our commitment to bringing the best vaping experience to our customers is unmatched. Our guarantees ensures you shop for genuine products supplied directly by partnerships with IGET and others. Allowing you to find get the best prices on items such as the IGET replacement pods. So why drown in doubt and hesitation when ride the trusted wave with Vape Shark Australia?

You’re joking right? Of course we do, we cater to all our customers needs. We offer an array of bundles specifically tailored to your needs. Such as our IGET Bar plus pod bulk bundle, coming in:

Starter Kit (11 pods + device): $200

10 Pack: $18 each

30 Pack: $16 each

60 Pack: $14 each

120 Pack: $12 each

200 Pack: Just $11 each!

These are prices you can only find at Vape Shark Australia; the number 1 leading online retail vape store. So what are you waiting for, dive deep into the waves of savings today.


  • Ensure your IGET Bar Plus refill pod is correctly seated and clicked into place with the magnet system.
  • Store your device upright and avoid extreme temperatures.
  • Regularly check and clean the contact points between the pod and device.

If Leaking Occurs:

  • First, remove your IGET Bar Plus refill pod and clean the device with a paper towel or cloth.
  • Check if the pod is damaged. If so, it’s best to replace it.
  • Ensure you’re not overfilling the pod, which can cause leakage.
  • If the issue persists, consider reaching out to the manufacturer or your retailer (like Vape Shark Australia) for further guidance.

Vape Shark Australia

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