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IGET Bar Plus 6000 Puffs Kit

The IGET Bar Plus 6000 puffs is the new wave of IGET disposable vaping, packing new innovative features which can be found on this page along with the IGET Plus’s benefits, unique additions, reviews, useful tips and FAQ’s. So, make sure to stick around to learn the latest news on the IGET Bar Plus.


6000 PUFFS


600 mAH




16 mL

Bulk And Wholesale Bundle

IGET BAR Plus 6000 Puffs

What's IGET Bar Plus 6000 PUFFS

As many vapers know, the first question that is asked about the IGET Bar is; ‘is it rechargeable”. Well now, here is the answer to your question from IGET themselves, the IGET Bar Plus. Recognised as the new IGET Bar, the IGET 6000 is the newest addition from IGET. Designed to be convenient and cost effective. The innovative pod system allows you to keep your vape whilst only throwing out the pod when the flavour runs out. Meaning no more weekly trips to the servo to buy vapes, simply recharge IGET Bar and replace the pod with whichever flavour you desire, and you are good to go. The IGET Bar Plus flavours range from classics, to new distinct choices such as Blueberry Raspberry Bubble-gum, which has had customers going crazy like sharks in blood infested waters.

IGET BAR Plus Product Features

  • Refillable Pod System: At last, we have a solution for those smokers who get bored quickly as the new IGET Bar Plus refill pod system allows vapers to change flavours whenever they choose. No messy manual refills required, the IGET Bar Plus 6000 has magnetic coated pods and kits which lets you pull out the old one and slide in the new one as it automatically snaps into place. Now you won’t have to stress about leaving flavours at home. So, no matter where you are, simply switch and go.
  • Type-C Lighting Fast Rechargeable System: The IGET Plus has made waves since its release, not only because it is the first IGET rechargeable vape, but because it only takes an hour to gain a full battery that will last you the whole day, if not more. The IGET Bar rechargeable is finally here so make sure garb yours while you can.

  • Mesh Dual-Coil System: The IGET Bar Plus pods utilise a mesh duel-coil system. It allows the e-liquid to be distributed proportionately and burned at the optimum temperature, allowing the Bar plus flavours burst in different tastes. All IGET Bar Plus flavours are designed to withstand fast and persistent puffs, meaning it retains its flavour all the way until your last hit.
  • Sleek Cylinder Shape Design: The IGET Bar 6000 boasts a sleek cylinder shape design with vibrant visual design. The round stainless-steel exterior provides a intuitive hand feel, allowing you to attain a comfortable and tight grip on the device. Not to mention it easily slips into your pocket without getting stuck on any fabric or materials.

IGET BAR Plus Pros And Cons

With the IGET Bar 6000 switchable pods, say goodbye to your weekly servo visit. Saving you anywhere from $10-$20, the IGET Bar Plus pods allows vapers to switch flavour whenever they choose, meaning you don’t have to buy a completely new vape when yours die or runs out of juice. Whether you are out, at home or at work, simply just pull and switch the pod. No messy refills needed; vaping has never been easier.

Do you get bored quickly of smoking the same flavour, well you be drowning in Bar plus flavours. The IGET Plus pod system establishes flavour flexibility like no other disposable vape, allowing vapes to switch pods instantaneously whenever they desire. You could be smoking strawberry kiwi for one minute, then melon ice the next. The IGET Plus flavours are all up for grabs so get yours while you still can.

Each IGET Bar Plus pod is equipped with a durable dual-mesh coil, meaning every time you switch pods you are welcomed by a fresh taste, making each puff feel like your first. The IGET Bar Plus refill are all compatible with separate kits meaning regardless of your flavour.

Each IGET Bar rechargeable vape comes with an individual pod in which you can switch and replace. Each pod has a puff count of 6000 whilst pre-filled vapes with high puff counts.  So, rotating between 2 pods alone could last you several months before your next top up. Allows vapers save time as well as money.

Vapers all know the pain of a dead rechargeable vape, especially when you have somewhere to be. This may be issue with the IGET rechargeable vape, although unlike other vapes, the IGET Plus only take an hour to charge full battery.

As of now, the IGET Plus has only 13 flavours available. This might be underwhelming for some vapers as their preferred flavours may not be out yet. Although the IGET Bar Plus new flavours should be released soon as it is IGET’s newest range.

Why Should I Buy IGET Plus From VSA

For those interested to buy cheapest disposable vapes Australia we have the perfect package for you. The IGET Bar Plus Wholesale bundles are the ideal way to kickstart your vaping journey. Varying in quantity and price, each package is completely different. We have multiples bundles such as 30 IGET Plus’s for $20 each, 60 for $18 each, 120 for $15 each and even 200 for $14 each.

Wanting to buy bulk disposable vapes, look no further. Here at Vape Shark Australia we have a new and exclusive package available for our customers. The IGET Bar Plus Bulk buy bundle, including 10 packs of the Bar Plus at only $23 each. Not to mention with the option to select individual flavours for all ten packs. This flexibility and savings you can only find at Vape Shark Australia.

Wait! Now that you have your Kits, don’t forget to get your Bar Plus pod. Regardless of which flavoured kit you purchase, each IGET pod is compatible different flavoured kits. Allowing you to have the flexibility that vapers used top dreamed about, now without messy refills of leaks. Don’t wait, grab your IGET Bar Plus refill along with your Kits and indulge in the ultimate vaping experience.

My Personal Take on the Vaping Phenomenon

This section will include a detailed review of the IGET Plus as well as my standpoint on the product on my personal experience whilst smoking the IGET Bar Plus.

First Puff

The first initial puff I took had me confused at first, as I had trouble trying to differentiate it from the IGET bar 3500 puff. Although, as I kept smoking I started to pick on distinct features and flavours notes that were exclusive to the IGET 6000 puff.

Usage Experience

Each puff of the IGET Plus struck a different opinion as time faced new aspects, such as the smooth flavour integrity of the pods. Regardless of how many times you switch pods, the flavour is consistent and fresh and the coil doesn’t seem to fall off or alter the taste with usage.

Design and Feel

The sleek stainless-steel shell established a firm hand feel, allowing me to grip the device in any way I deemed right. The Bar Plus carries the same vibrant visuals as the IGET Bar 3500, yet manages to pull it off better with the matte-pressed cylinder shape, making it more visually appealing.

Flavour Range

I felt that the flavours were good, only because they were the ones I was used to from previous models. But overtime I was underwhelmed as I thought newer and more creative additions could’ve been introduced to the Bar Plus flavours. Adding more variety for me to choose from.

Any Downsides?

Genuinely, I found the Bar Plus vape to be a great product and innovative step for IGET. Yet, in saying that, I thoroughly believe that they could of invested more time and effort into the IGET Bar Plus flavour range, as it was released with 13 options, in which most were common.

In Conclusion

With all aspects considered, I have to say that the IGET Plus is the most innovative product to hit the market. Giving smokers and vaping enthusiasts a breath of fresh air, not literally that is. The concept of switchable pods and 1 hour charging time sounded crazy until it was implemented and brought to life with IGET Bar Plus. Allowing vapers to experience a true sense of flexibility and cost-effectiveness all in one vape.

IGET BAR Plus Kit Usage Tips

For the impatient vapers who smoke their vapes whilst its charging, we thoroughly advise you to refrain from doing so as it can damage the battery as well as alter the flavour of your vape. Ensure your vape is fully charged before usage, besides the IGET Bar Plus charging time only takes an hour.

We all tend to chuff our vapes when we are stressed or angry. Although, this is a habit you must avoid doing as it can ultimately damage your IGET Bar Plus pod’s coil and ruin the flavour of your vape. When smoking, ensure to take evenly spaced puffs to sustain flavour integrity and prevent internal damage.

As humans we tend to forget to turn off devices and leave electronics running. In this case, this is something you should try to prevent as pro-longed charging can cause it to fault. Just like a child, ensure to keep an eye on your IGET Bar Plus charging time and unplug it when it is full.


All IGET Bar Plus flavours have their distinct tastes and target audiences, however the team here at Vape Shark Australia have come up with our top 3 flavours, them being

  1. Blueberry Raspberry Bubblegum– The BRB IGET Plus simply reminds me of the times in my youth. Were me and friends would be force fed berries and rewarded with candy to make up for the traumatic experience, truly wonderful times.
  2. Watermelon Mint Ice– The Watermelon Mint Ice IGET Bar Plus perfectly portrays my time in Icey cold Canberra. The memories I had there whilst smoking this flavour as well as the flavour itself is an ideal representation of the bone chilling weather.
  3. Grape Ice– The Grape Ice IGET Bar Plus is my teddy bear, my floatie, my diaper. Basically anything that makes me feel safe or comfortable, because that’s what this flavour is to me, a safety net. A shoulder to cry on when you are left with no options to choose from, will always be grateful for grape.

Just like every other IGET device, the IGET Bar Plus nicotine content is a crazy 5%. Mind breaking right? It’s not like they’ve been using this same Nic level for every vape they’ve released.

Yes, the IGET rechargeable vape only requires an hour to attain full battery, whilst other rechargeable vapes need anywhere from 2-4 hours. The IGET Bar Plus charging time is literally quicker than your phone, if you really think about it.

Look, before you quickly scurry to close your laptop or phone to rush down to your local service station or tobacconist to buy one, I’m kindly informing you from now as a friend, they don’t have it. If they do, get ready to pay about $40 extra for it. So why waste time and money when you shop at Vape Shark Australia, where we have all the flavours and lowest prices. This way IGET Bar Plus Melbourne smokers won’t have to put up with bi-polar weather by leaving their homes and IGET Bar Plus Perth vapers won’t have to pay $50 extra for a vape because of where they live. We have everyone covered, don’t waste any more time and buy yours now.

Well, just like every other vape, when you take a puff, and nothing comes out that is a good indication that your IGET Bar plus refill pod is finished. “But the IGET Bar had flashing lights”, well the flashing lights aren’t necessary as the absence of flavour and vapour. This will indicate your pod is depleted and needs replacing.

Vape Shark Australia

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