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The Gunnpod Meta 4000 puffs made waves in the disposable vape industry on its initial release as it was the one of the first rechargeable disposable vapes of its kind. Pushing 4000 puffs whilst being rechargeable was almost sounded too good to be true at the time. Coming with a type C charger, it has a modern and intuitive design allowing people with compatible type C laptop chargers to utilise it. With an efficient charge time, your device would be fully charged within 45 minutes.


4000 PUFFS






10 mL

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Gunnpod META 4000 Puffs

GUNNPOD META Product Features

  • First Rechargeable Disposable Vape: The Gunnpod Meta disposable vape being a rechargeable 4000 puff vape, the battery would consistently finish before the flavour would drop off. Giving you a memorable vapour experience all the way through. It was ideal product for those short on two things; time and money. Allowing you to smoke the device for weeks before it initially dying, your vape stops would come down to once a month. Ultimately saving you a significant amount of time as well as money.
  • Gradient Colourful appearance: Coming in a smooth gradient finish with a variety of vibrant colours with each flavour. With 16 flavours, each of them having a distinct look and matte finish, the Gunnpod Meta vape stands out with a minimalistic look achieving a simple yet attractive look.
  • Type-C Lightning Charge: The Gunnpod 4000 utilises a type C charging port and charger. Setting a modern presence allowing you to treat it like every other device you would take out with you like a phone or laptop, allowing it to adapt and use the same charger.
  • Exclusive flavour: The Gunnpod Meta spoils smokers with a completely new and exclusive flavour to the range. The Fruit Club contains juicy watermelon, citrus-filled oranges and tart kiwis, composing a one-of-a-kind taste for smokers to truly indulge. Setting itself as a Gunnpod staple for time to come.
  • Curve Body Design: The curvature of the body on the Gunnpod 4000 puffs creates an immense hand feeling for the smoker. Allowing you to attain a firm grasp on the device regardless of its positioning. No more accidental drops or broken vapes.


This is a factor that depends on you as each vaper has their desires and specific preferences. The saying goes, “each to their own”. Flavours that may not appeal to you might be a favourite for another smoker. To help identify your signature flavour we are going to give you some recommendations:

  • Fruit Club– With the use of juicy watermelon, tart kiwis and citrus-filled oranges, the Fruit Club Gunnpod Meta smacks your lips harder than your mum after a failed grade in maths. The combination of the three fruits composes a unique taste like a glass of tropical juice on a hot summer’s day.
  • Peach Cocktail– You are out with your friends at a bar and you are too embarrassed to tell them you are already hammered after two cocktails, no need to embarrass yourself. Just pull out the Peach Cocktail Gunnpod Meta. You will have the luxury of tasting and enjoying an ice-cold, peach-flavoured cocktail with hints of menthol without the horrible experience of intoxication. Whilst all your friends are drunk, you on the other hand, are somewhat sober and able to go home in one piece. A win, win situation.
  • Strawberry Lush– It’s that time of year, you are at the family picnic and your aunty has made her famous pavlova that you despise. Avoid the awkward interaction and instead of telling her that you hate it, just tell her you are on a diet and that you are using the Strawberry Lush Gunnpod Meta to fulfil your appetite. With notes of creamy, ripe strawberries and juicy watermelon, you will be full all day and far from vomiting like the last time you ate the pavlova.
  • Apple Banana Pineapple– Your google searches tell you that bananas and apples are the best sources of natural sugars, which they are. But why go through the hassle of cutting apples and peeling bananas? Introducing the Apple Banana Gunnpod Meta, the effortless device that instantly gives you the satisfaction of crisp, tart apples and creamy, sweet bananas. Almost as if you are eating the real thing, just missing the natural glucose and nutrients. Not that it’s important.

Yes, it is. The Gunnpod Meta 4000 is one of the newest additions to the Gunnpod range. Coming with a type C charger, it allows the smoker to charge a full battery within 45 minutes. The efficient disposable vape is the epitome of convenience with a full battery lasting up to 24 hours of use.

The Gunnpod Meta Australia is compatible with a type C charger. Using modern technology and components, you can use the same charger for your MacBook for your Gunnpod Meta. So even if you don’t have the initial charger it came with on you, you can just use your Apple MacBook charger. Saving you time and alleviating your stress.

With the 10mL’s of e-juice and rechargeable inbuilt battery, the Gunnpod Meta vape pushes out an impressive 4000 puffs. Which is still larger than some of the prefilled and charged disposable vapes out there. Allowing you to smoke and recharge the Meta long enough for you to build a personal relationship with before having to buy a new one. Yas, that’s how long they last.

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